Welcome to "Beyond the Bin," where we shine a light on the unsung heroes of Roseville—our dedicated waste service utility employees. These hardworking individuals take immense pride in keeping our community clean and green, day in and day out. As you scroll down the page, you'll discover the commitment, perseverance, and community spirit that go beyond the ordinary. Get ready to meet five members of our exceptional team of refuse truck drivers, whose daily efforts make a significant impact on our city's well-being.

Meet Ryan Ballardo, Senior Refuse Truck Driver

Ryan Ballardo is a Senior Refuse Truck Driver, bringing five years of dedicated service to the streets of Roseville, his hometown. Ryan takes pride in keeping his community clean, a task he views as crucial, given the community's daily dependence on utility services. His routes often include managing commercial waste from local businesses, restaurants, and apartment complexes, involving meticulous operations like handling 20,000 pounds of waste per load and ensuring his truck is immaculately maintained.

Ryan’s commitment to cleanliness is matched by his camaraderie with coworkers, which he counts among his favorite aspects of the job. This sense of teamwork and mutual support is vital in a role that sees him leading a team of eight total routes, six garbage and two cardboard routes, each averaging about 100-120 dumpsters daily. One of the less visible aspects of his job, yet astounding, is the sheer volume of trash collected: up to 60,000 pounds on a busy day, equivalent to the weight of three empty school buses!

Ryan especially cherishes moments when he interacts with children at his stops, sharing stickers and enjoying their cheers. These interactions underscore the community connection that Ryan values deeply, making every day rewarding and fulfilling.

Outside of work, Ryan is passionate about his family, with whom he enjoys camping and spending time on the lake. His leisure activities reflect his dedication to maintaining a clean, vibrant community environment.

Meet Larry Reyes, Senior Refuse Truck Driver

Larry Reyes has dedicated 19 years to Waste Services. In his current role as Senior Refuse Truck Driver, Larry is making a significant contribution through his expertise and leadership. Larry starts his day early, preparing paperwork and routing for the drivers to ensure a smooth operation. He oversees the routes throughout the day, handles service calls, and ensures that all tasks are completed safely and efficiently.

Larry's work involves extensive interaction with residents across Roseville, fostering appreciation and joy, particularly among children who delight in the spectacle of the trucks. He cherishes the relationships he has built with his colleagues, describing his work environment as diverse and cooperative, with everyone committed to the mission.

Larry recalls a heartwarming customer interaction: organizing a special birthday drive-by for a young fan. Coordinating with his team, Larry managed to rally eight trucks to surprise the child with a celebratory honk parade right outside his home. The trucks left behind toys and unforgettable smiles, truly making it a memorable day for the young boy.

Larry dreams of owning a second home in Baja Mexico, where he can relax and enjoy life at a slower pace with his family there.

Meet Derek Roe, Senior Refuse Truck Driver

Derek Roe is a Senior Refuse Truck Driver, where he has had a significant impact for ten years. Every day, Derek enjoys the freedom of driving around Roseville, interacting with the community at various stops from the bustling Galleria Mall to vital wastewater treatment plants and energy parks. His workday is filled with meaningful interactions, especially with kids at the cardboard recycling sites, where he enjoys handing out stickers and sharing smiles.

The teamwork within his department stands out to Derek, where everyone works cohesively even though they operate different vehicles. This synergy helps them accomplish their tasks efficiently and safely – a crucial aspect of their work, given the inherent dangers of handling heavy machinery on busy roads.

Some of Derek’s fondest memories are from his visits to Roseville Montessori, where the excitement of the children and teachers, evident in their cheers and high fives, highlighted the community's appreciation for his service putting a smile on his face every time.

Through his daily efforts, Derek Roe demonstrates the essential role of Environmental Utilities in building community and enhancing the safety of public spaces.

Beyond his duties, Derek is dedicated to coaching his sons' baseball teams, instilling in them the values of teamwork and safety. His commitment extends beyond his professional life, shaping the next generation on and off the field.

Meet Paul Calip, Refuse Maintenance Worker

Paul Calip plays a crucial role as a Refuse Maintenance Worker, where he has been enhancing the functionality and safety in Waste Services for the past five years. Paul's responsibilities are dynamic, with his weekdays filled with varying tasks, from delivering temporary bins and transporting commercial bins to conducting field repairs.

Paul relishes being out in the field and engaging directly with customers, which he finds highly rewarding. He's a vital member of the maintenance division, a close-knit team where camaraderie thrives and everyone is vigilant about each other's safety and well-being. This supportive atmosphere allows Paul to tackle diverse daily challenges confidently and efficiently.

Paul likes to emphasize the importance of proper disposal practices in his job. He educates the public about the potential hazards improper trash disposal can pose to sanitation workers.

Paul frequently receives positive feedback from residents who appreciate his dedication to maintaining high standards in waste management. These interactions reinforce the value of his work and motivate him to continue providing excellent service.

Beyond his professional life, Paul is passionate about fitness. He loves leading group boot camps and helping others achieve their health goals. This dedication to community wellness parallels his commitment to his work.

Meet Anthony Norris-Silva, Refuse Truck Driver

Anthony Norris-Silva has been a dedicated Refuse Truck Driver for the past three years. Starting his workday early at 6:30 a.m., Anthony engages with coworkers to discuss the day's plan, which he values deeply. He notes the supportive and collaborative culture of his department. Everyone looks out for each other, enhancing the work environment through mutual assistance.

Anthony's typical day is rigorous and rewarding. After a pre-inspection of his truck, he embarks on his route, where he interacts closely with customers and team members. Following his runs, which include both commercial and residential areas, he meticulously cleans and inspects his truck, ensuring it's in prime condition for the next day. He also checks on other drivers, offering help where needed—a testament to the department's teamwork culture.

A favorite moment in Anthony’s career occurs regularly at Blue Oaks Elementary School, where he’s become a familiar face. The enthusiastic cheers and waves from the students always brighten his day, reminding him of the positive impact his work has on the community.

Serving in the Marine Corps Reserve, Anthony balances his military commitments with his role in Waste Services, demonstrating his dedication and discipline. His work is physically demanding and involves significant manual labor, such as moving and opening gates during commercial stops.