Be Well Roseville
Parks, Recreation & Libraries Department (PRL) has a long tradition of providing programs and facilities that promote active and healthy lifestyles. This year, PRL is introducing Be Well Roseville (BWR), a new initiative designed with the mission to create and promote a healthier city.  BWR is focused on three major areas of wellness; physical exercise, good nutrition and mind/body renewal. 

In an effort to help bring awareness and excitement to this program, we have scheduled Fitness in the Park; a weekly dose of Saturday sunshine! Fitness in the Park provides the dual benefit of highlighting Roseville area parks and getting people out to exercise, while simultaneously spotlighting COR Fitness instructors and our class offerings. Fitness in the Park will take place the second Saturday of each month and there will be other events throughout the month as well. 

Be Well Events and Fitness in the Park: 2022

Zumba Dance Party @ Royer Park
• Saturday, Oct. 8 at 9:00am:  Shake and shimmy with the amazing Andi Crane for this 60 minute Zumba dance workout. All levels welcome. Ages 5 and up. Please wear comfortable shoes. (Earn the pink BeWell Roseville “Be Active” wristband.)

Bootcamp Circuit @ Maidu Fitness Court • Saturday, Nov. 12 at 9:00am: Join us for a 50 minute full- body resistance training and cardio workout using the outdoor fitness court at Maidu Community Center. There are 7 workout stations and you will rotate through every exercise at varying time intervals. The fitness court is part of the National Fitness Campaign and the City of Roseville is one of the few cities in Northern California to offer this unique workout program. Ages 13 and up, all levels welcome. (Earn the pink BeWell Roseville “Be Active” wristband.)

Yoga on the Ball @ the Roseville Sports Center • Sunday, Nov. 20 at 9:00am: Improve your balance, stability, flexibility and core strength in this 50 minute yoga class. We will use the large stability ball and small Spri balls to increase core stability and aid in movement. This class is for ages 13 and up. Yoga mats are available for use or you can bring your own from home. Class ends with a traditional yoga cool down.  (earn the blue BeWell Roseville “Feel Renewed” wristband)

12 Days of Fitness @ the Roseville Sports Center, Dec. 1–31: How does a little bit of extra workout motivation in the month of December sound? Complete 12 workouts and hang an ornament on our “Fitness Tree” after each class or workout. 12 lucky winners will be drawn from the tree and awarded fun fitness prizes at our coffee and hot cocoa party in January! This is open to all RSC members, punch card holders or two-week pass participants. (earn the pink BeWell Roseville “Be Active” wristband)

Healthy Holiday Recipes @ the Roseville Sports Center • Wednesday, Dec. 7 from 4:00-5:00pm: Learn some healthy holiday hacks for your favorite traditional recipes. Our in-house nutritionist will be partnering with the Martha Riley Library to bring you some helpful cookbooks and recipe guides as well. (Earn the green BeWell Roseville “Eat Healthy” wristband.)

New Year’s Nutrition Workshop @ Mike Shellito Pool • Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2023 from 6:00-7:00pm: So many New Year’s Resolutions involve getting healthy or achieving weight loss, but where should you begin? This workshop will help you establish SMART nutrition goals to set your 2023 up for success! Location: Meeting Room 1 (Earn the green BeWell Roseville “Eat Healthy” wristband.)

Family Yoga @ Roseville Sports Center • Saturday, Jan. 14. 2023 at 11:00am: Ages 3 and up will enjoy this Family Friendly yoga class! Work through a series of standing and seated poses while improving your balance and flexibility. Get out your wiggles and then calm your mind and body with our amazing instructor Alicia. Mats available for use or bring your own from home. (Earn the blue BeWell Roseville “Feel Renewed” wristband.)

Tai Chi @ Diamond Oaks Park • Saturday, Sept. 10

Join Jody Martin for a 45 minute Tai Chi practice. This class can be done barefoot or in comfortable shoes or socks. Work through a series of standing postures, fluid full-body movements and breathing patterns.

All levels welcome.
Ages 13 and up.
Earn the blue Be Well Roseville “Feel Renewed” wristband

Diamond Oaks Park
Saturday, Sept. 10 at 9:00am

Grocery Store Tour @ Nugget Market • Saturday, Sept. 24

 Do you ever feel like you are walking the grocery store overwhelmed by all of the choices? This informative grocery store tour will give you the inside scoop about Nugget Grocery store, how to find the best deals, ideas for weekly meals and a sample grocery list.

All ages welcome.
Earn the green Be Well Roseville “Eat Healthy” wristband.

Grocery Store Tour @ Nugget Market on Fairway Drive
Saturday, Sept. 24 at 9:00am