You toss, we sort for you.

Your waste services division provides trash, recycling and green waste pick up for both residential and business customers. Roseville collects more than 100,000 tons annually from about 130,000 residences and several thousand commercial/business accounts in Roseville. With Placer County's One Big Bin approach to trash and recycling, we sort and recycle for all customers.
green waste truck

Trash and green waste schedule

Food for soil: food waste recycling program

Roseville is implementing state legislation to combat greenhouse gas emissions at the landfill. Customers will soon need to recycle their food waste generated at home.

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Help with your service

To connect to the services you need, please select from the following:

  • New service/Change in service: (916) 774-5780
  • Report Illegal Dumping (in the public Right of Way) 
    Roseville Street Maintenance 
    (916) 774-5790
  • Tour the landfill (Materials Recovery Facility): (916) 645-5180 [ex. 201]
  • Email us

When is my trash and green waste day?

Find your trash and green waste pick up day and schedule a reminder!

We offer text, email and phone reminders delivered right to your home for weekly collection services for trash and green waste.  Trash is collected weekly and green waste is collected every other week, Monday-Friday. The collection day depends on where you live in the City. Trash must be set out at the curb by 7 a.m. for pickup.

Find your trash or green waste pick up day or schedule reminders.

Waste wizard

We've created a Waste Wizard tool to help residential customers sort waste properly.  While we have the One Big Bin approach to trash and recycling, not everything can go into your one big bin.  Some require that you schedule a pick up for curb side pick up or drop-off materials at a local facility. 

Use our waste wizard

Recycling options

Recycling in Roseville is made easy thanks to several facilities to drop off recyclables. 

For locations for cardboard, newspaper, beverage containers, and more, visit our Recycling options page.

Household hazardous waste

We recycle for you, yet we need your support keeping Household Hazardous Waste (HHWs) out of your garbage bin -- like paint, batteries, electronics, etc.

Get more information on curbside pick up and other drop off options for HHW

Green waste

Please place your green waste container in the street with your garbage container. Be sure to leave at least 4 to 6 feet between your garbage and green waste container as well as all the way around the can.

What is my green waste week?

  1. Click on the 2021 green waste week by street to look up your street address and determine your green waste week.
  2. Print the at-a-glance 2021 green waste calendar and place in a handy spot for the future!

What goes in the green waste bin?

Acceptable items
- Prunings (less than 4" in diameter and cut to fit inside )
- Leaves
- Grass Clippings
- Christmas trees (unflocked and cut to fit inside)

Unacceptable items
- Plastic bags
- Household garbage
- Concrete, dirt, rock
- Treated or painted wood (this includes landscape bark)
- Animal waste
- Glass
- Metal
- Garden hoses
- Stumps
- Lawn chairs
- Construction debris

Large clean-up project dumpster rental

Yard and garbage clean up projects

Six-yard dumpsters can be rented through the waste services division. These are available on a first come, first serve as supplies last.

These bins cannot be used for dirt, rock, concrete, sod or any type of heavy construction debris; they are for light yard clean-up and household refuse only.

The rental fees for a 6-yard dumpster are:

  • Delivery and removal - $152.19 (bin on site for one week, includes empty @ removal).
  • Each additional week - $152.19 (includes empty @ removal).
  • Each additional pick-up during the week bin is on site - $106.80 each time.

For available delivery dates and detailed information, please contact us at (916) 774-5780. Due to limited availability, two weeks notice for the rental of a dumpster is suggested.

Construction and demolition
Construction/Demolition dumpsters are also available for rent to residents of Roseville. Sizes range from 10 yard dumpsters for concrete to 20- yard, 25-yard and 30-yard dumpster for construction and demolition. An active Encroachment Permit is required for the residential delivery of these dumpsters.

To arrange for the rental of a temporary dumpster, please call (916) 774-5780 or inquire by email

Christmas tree recycling

Give your tree a second life. Learn more about recycling options for your tree.

Christmas Tree recycling

commercial trash collection

Commercial trash collection

If your business needs service for a small 2 yard bin with once a week service, or a 40 yard compactor roll/on bin with everyday service, the Solid Waste Division can handle your waste disposal needs.

We also rent out construction/demolition dumpsters in 10 yard, 20 yard, 25 yard and 30 yard sizes.

Get started by contact us:
  • New service/Change in service: (916) 774-5780
  • Email us


We turn food waste into energy and compost since implementing the organics recycling program aimed to keep waste out of landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and bolster alternative energy by diverting this waste to create renewable energy or helps create compost.

Does your business generate organic food waste? Read on.

Commercial recyling options

Although the Materials Recovery Facility (located at 3033 Fiddyment Rd. in Roseville) provides significant recycling benefit to your business by sorting commercial recyclable materials out of the waste stream offsite, you are encouraged to participate in additional recycling services offered in your community.

Download this handy guide to reduce waste at your business.

Non Exclusive Franchise Hauler Agreements

Roseville operates a refuse collection service which provides periodic refuse collection and solid waste disposal from all residences and businesses within the city. In order to lawfully operate within the city, haulers are required to obtain a non-exclusive franchise agreement.

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Commercial new construction

When building solid waste enclosures in Roseville, we have specifications listed for new commercial construction.

Enclosure details

Construction & demolition waste management plan

All California cities and counties, including Roseville, are required by state law (AB 939) to recycle at least 65 percent of their municipal solid waste, which includes construction and demolition debris.

The California Building Standards Commission has issued green building standards under the CALGreen Program and the City of Roseville has adopted these standards as changes to the building code.

What types of projects are included?

  • All new building construction
  • Tenant Improvements (TI’s), as part of the initial shell/structure
  • All demolition projects
  • Any addition or alteration of 1000 Sq. ft. or more
  • Any non-residential project with a permit valuation of or estimated construction cost of over $200,000
  • Any residential project that increases the building’s area, volume, or size

All applications for permits that include the above mentioned project types will be required to submit a Waste Management Plan (WMP) before a permit is issued.

Please use the Resource Guide link below to complete and print your plan.