Future site plans

In the early 2000s, the site was acquired by the City of Roseville for flood protection and storm water retention in order to accommodate the development planned for the area that is now well underway. The site also allows for continued wildlife habitat. On the remainder of the parcel, several important long-standing projects have been planned for utilities, economic development, and recreation.

These projects reflect Roseville’s commitment to long-range planning and responsible growth over the last 35+ years. The civic improvements play an important role in meeting Roseville’s economic, environmental, and community service goals. While construction in the area may be new, the plans are not.

The area is not currently open to the public. Learn about planned trails and recreational access below. 


Site History

Late 1980s: As south Placer grows, Sutter County discusses the need for the City of Roseville to help provide solutions to mitigate the impacts of increased runoff volume associated with development and flooding from large-scale storm events, particularly following the 1986 major flood event.

1991: Roseville City Council adds Municipal Code section 4.48 establishing the Pleasant Grove Watershed Drainage Mitigation Fee. The fee was established to provide funding for the construction of off-site stormwater retention basin(s) to store excess stormwater created by new development in Roseville within the Pleasant Grove Creek watershed.

Early 2000s: The City of Roseville evaluates three locations for proposed retention basin(s). The 1,754-acre Al Johnson Wildlife Area (formerly known as Reason Farms) property was identified as the preferred site because it provided adequate retention storage with a lower level of environmental impact and a willing seller. Prior to the City’s consideration of the property, the proponents of the West Roseville Specific Plan (Westpark Associates and Signature Properties) identified the property as a potential location for habitat mitigation and restoration to support development of the West Roseville Specific Plan, and secured an option to purchase the property from the owner. 

•  City executes Exclusive Right to Negotiate (ERN) with Westpark and Signature, which provided City exclusive right to obtain the option rights to purchase the property. In conjunction with the purchase, the City prepared an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that evaluated environmental effects from construction and operation of a 2,530 acre-foot retention basin, as well as other uses of the property including habitat conservation and passive recreation. 

•  Portions of the site not used for those purposes could be sold. If unused portions were sold, proceeds in the amount of the cost of the land plus interest would revert to the Pleasant Grove Drainage Fee fund with the remainder being deposited in the Strategic Improvement Fund.

2004: City completes purchase of the property with the intent to continue agricultural uses (rice, dry farming, and cattle grazing) until the retention basin is built.

2006: City commissions AC Martin to perform an analysis of the easterly +/-236-acre portion of the property known as the “panhandle” for a potential university and/or job center. This includes the 6382 Phillip Road site. City of Roseville also commissions the Sacramento Regional Research Institute to perform an economic impact analysis associated with a private university on the property of similar size to Santa Clara University.

2009: City prezones the land in anticipation of the annexation application. The property is assigned Public/Quasi Public General Plan land use, and Planned Development zoning intended to allow a range of public uses, agriculture, resource conservation, passive recreation, and the industrially-classified use type, “research services.”

2009: City of Roseville submits annexation application to the Local Area Formation Commission (LAFCO) and the annexation is approved.

2017 – 2018: City launches EngageRoseville community outreach effort involving residents, businesses, and others who have a stake in Roseville’s quality of life, aimed at prioritizing city services and developing options to align service levels with revenues. The sale of surplus City property was identified as a strategy.

2017: City partners with the Greater Sacramento Economic Council to include 160 acres of the site, 6382 Phillip Road, in their regional response to Amazon HQ2 Request for Proposals. Amazon was considering greenfield sites, infill sites, existing buildings, or a combination for the project. 

2019: Following strict procedures outlined by the State of California Surplus Lands Act, Roseville City Council declares 12 City-owned properties as surplus, including the +/- 236-acre panhandle property at 6382 Phillip Road.

City Council approves Exclusive Right to Negotiate with Panattoni Development Company to negotiate the potential acquisition of 6382 Phillip Road. 

2021: City Council approves Purchase and Sale Agreement with Panattoni Development Company. As of June 2024, this agreement is still in progress and has not been finalized. Learn more