To obtain maximum value and provide reliable services, most City purchases for commodities and nonprofessional services are made through the competitive bidding process, with bids awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. Professional services are usually awarded on a best value basis that is determined during the proposal evaluation process.

The Purchasing Division acquires goods and services by purchase order, service agreement or professional services agreement.

Informal Requests for Quotations

Products or services valued below the City’s formal bid limit are typically submitted in writing. Although a sealed bid technique is not used, all informal quotations are made on a competitive basis securing quotes from at least three vendors when possible.

Formal Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Formal Request for Proposal (RFP)

Products or services valued over the City’s formal bid limit require the following:
1. Posting of a public notice
2. Submission of a sealed bid
3. Public bid opening (RFQ) or acknowledgment (RFP)
4. Award by the City Council

These solicitations, along with bid awards, are posted to the City’s website at: