Placer County Grand Jury
The Grand Jury is an investigatory body with the authority to act as a watchdog on local government, investigate citizen complaints, and assist in criminal matters at the request of the district attorney. In its function as a watchdog on city and county government and special districts within the county, the Grand Jury examines several aspects of local government. It has the authority to ascertain how public funds are spent and how spending is documented, examine the condition of jails and other detention centers, examine charges of willful misconduct in office and investigate that type of misconduct. In its final reports, the Grand Jury also recommends ways to increase efficiency, improve services to the public and save taxpayer dollars. The Grand Jury may also commend well-managed departments.

Grand Jury Contacts
The telephone number for the Grand Jury is (530) 886-5200 and its mailing address is:

Placer County Grand Jury
11532 B Avenue
Auburn, CA 95603

Or e-mail:
[email protected]

Confidential Citizen Complaint
The Citizen Complaint Form should be prepared and filed with the Grand Jury only after all attempts to resolve the issue have been exhausted. The Grand Jury does not investigate all complaints received. For example, the Civil Grand Jury does not have jurisdiction over judicial performance, action of the court or cases that are pending in the courts. Grievances of the nature must be resolved through the established judicial appeal system. The Civil Grand Jury has no jurisdiction or authority to investigate federal or state agencies.