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We are Roseville. Our community is strong, resilient and caring, and we can get through this crisis together. Your City is balancing the need to slow the spread of COVID-19 with maintaining essential services to keep our city functioning and united.

Thank you for taking your role in protecting yourselves and your neighbors seriously. We are proud to see our community pulling together. Please continue to support each other and show your Roseville pride.

A special thank you to our essential workers, healthcare workers, grocery store employees, those caring for loved ones, teachers who continue to support kids at home, parents who are playing dual roles and the countless others who are keeping our community healthy. 

And, thank you everyone for wearing your face cover.

Social distancing can still be social caring.

Hang this sign in a window for your neighbors to see. Snap a photo of the finished product and share it on your social media accounts with the hashtag #WeAreRoseville.

Class of 2021

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2021      2021      2021       2021

Christmas and Hanukkah

We Are Roseville  We Are Roseville  We Are Roseville


We Are Roseville fall


We Are Roseville     We Are Roseville       We Are Roseville      We Are Roseville

4th of July

We Are RosevilleWe Are Roseville



Window signs

    We are roseville           We are Roseville           We are Roseville  

    sky          orange            green


Coloring pages

   COR Coloring page          Adventure club drawing             Watering Tower Drawing

   Line truck drawing                 Garbage Truck drawing

Fire truck drawing                  Police car drawing

Utility Exploration Center Drawing
                  PAWS coloring page        

         Transit Drawing

Community bingo card

  Community Bingo Card



We Are Roseville photoWe are Roseville familyWe Are Roseville photoWe Are Roseville photoWe are Roseville FamilyWe Are Roseville photoWe Are Roseville photoWe are Roseville Family

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