We encourage people to call the Roseville Police non-emergency line at 916-774-5000 to report issues they’re concerned about involving homelessness in Roseville.

The information reported helps the City not only to respond but also to track data and gauge the magnitude and types of issues related to homelessness and its effect on individuals and the community. This allows us to more effectively coordinate resources with other city departments, government agencies, and non-profits to address the needs in our city.

If you or someone you know is in need of homeless or other related services, please see some of the resources available to help locally below. 

Our Roseville Homeless Response Team consists of several area non-profits, the Roseville Police Social Services Unit and other City services.

Area non-profits:

  • Advocates for Mentally Ill Housing
  • Apartment Managers
  • County Housing Coordinators (AMIH and County)
  • The Gathering Inn (TGI)
  • KidsFirst
  • Placer County Probation
  • Roseville HomeStart by VOA
  • Roseville Housing Authority (RHA)
  • Salvation Army Roseville
  • Roseville Police - Social Services Unit (SSU)
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Stand Up Placer (SUP)
  • Volunteers of America (VOA) 


  • Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing
  • Housing Choice Vouchers

Roseville Police - Social Services Unit (SSU) uses a
balanced approach of services and enforcement,
with the following team:

  • Problem-oriented policing (POP) officers
  • Sergeant for the unit
  • Outreach workers
  • Placer County Probation
  • Family Mobile Unit
  • Mental Health Crisis Team

City Internal Homeless Team:

  • City Attorney’s Office
  • Public Affairs and Communications
  • Housing
  • Parks & Open Space
  • Social Services Unit

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