Goat grazing returns

Updated May 06, 2024
Don't worry about the herds of goats descending upon the city, they are our newest (and cutest) four-legged employees. Goat grazing is an environmentally friendly option for open space management. Goats assist with thatch control, invasive species management and help reduce potential fire load due to dry grasses - not to mention they can get into canyons much easier than mowing equipment. Measure B in action

At the peak, the goat grazing plan includes six herds in open spaces throughout the City. In many areas, goats are funded through Community Facilities Districts or Lighting & Landscape Districts. For those areas that do not have dedicated funding and are reliant upon the General Fund, goats are returning due to community feedback through Engage Roseville and the approval of Measure B by voters in November 2018.

If you want to visit the goats, the goat tracker has returned to make finding them easier. Here is some good to know information before your visit:
  • Fences surrounding goats are electric, so don't touch.
  • A herder and dog are on site with each of the herds.
  • Please don't throw food over the fence. Goats tend to all run towards the food and have knocked over the fence in some instances. Plus, their job is to eat the dry grass/brush.
  • Have fun, take some great photos and tag them #rosevillegoats

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