Engage Roseville

EngageRoseville was a year-long community effort to involve residents, businesses, and others who have a stake in Roseville’s quality of life, in prioritizing city services and developing options to align service levels with revenues.

Roseville City Manager Rob Jensen discusses the General Fund budget and the EngageRoseville effort.

Chief Financial Officer Jay Panzica discusses the city's current and future financial condition.

Roseville Parks, Recreation & Libraries Director Dion Lothan talks about the services his department provides to the community.

Roseville Fire Chief Rick Bartee talks about the services provided by the Roseville Fire Department

Roseville Police Chief Jim Maccoun describes the services provided by the Roseville Police Department

Roseville Public Works Director Rhon Herndon discusses the services provided by Public Works

Roseville Development Services Director Kevin Payne talks about the role and services provided by Development Services.

The changing economy's impact on sales tax revenue by Doug Jensen from MuniServices.