The City envisions and requires even greater use of innovative technology in the years ahead. Forward thinking strategic planning will help guide many technology decisions in the future through the examination of the business processes and future technology needs. With consistent evaluation of emerging technologies and how they align with the City’s goals, the Information Technology Department can continue to provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of the City. Strategic planning also entails a regular evaluation of the business process within the City; perpetual evaluation of process improvements and efficiencies is a critical component of the strategic planning effort.

Strategic Planning Documents

This work plan provides a high level glance at the departmental responsibilities, identifies key areas of importance and the impact those items have on the City. Also within the work plan is a spreadsheet of all the major projects that IT will be focusing on for this year. All the projects within the Technology Project Resource Forecast worksheet have been reviewed and approved by the City Manager’s Office.

Citywide Strategic Technology Roadmap (Fiscal Year 2023-2027)
2021-2022 Citywide Technology Work Plan & Project Dashboard 
2020-2021 Citywide Technology Work Plan
2019-2020 Strategic Technology Work Plan
2018-2019 Strategic Technology Work Plan
2017-2018 Strategic Technology Work Plan
2016-2017 Strategic Technology Work Plan
2013 -2015 Strategic Technology Plan & Progress Assessment

(a blueprint for future IT investments that are in alignment with the City’s overall strategic direction)

e-Government Strategic Plan Documents

Introducing the City of Roseville's 2015 e-Government Strategic Plan. The plan was a collaborative, citywide, one-city effort. The bulk of the work was done through joint sessions with the e-Government Steering Team and Executive Sponsor Team, working collaboratively and cohesively to ensure we created a comprehensive and meaningful plan that guides the City’s digital communication and engagement efforts. Download the e-Government Strategic Plan and Appendix today.

Now that the e-Government Strategic Plan has been developed, the next task will be to work with the e-Government Steering Team on the e-Government Projects Action Plan, which will prioritize the digital initiatives and projects for review, approval and support.

Technology Governance

The City follows a technology governance process to ensure the City makes sound technology investments that are consistent with its strategic plans and goals. The process also ensures that resources are available to complete projects and that the City Manager and Council have the information they need when committing funds to technology projects.