The City's future hinges on heightened adoption of innovative technology. Guided by forward-thinking strategic planning, tech decisions will scrutinize business processes and future needs. By consistently assessing emerging technologies aligned with City goals, the IT Department delivers inventive solutions. Strategic planning also entails ongoing appraisal of City processes, a vital element for continuous improvements.

The plans below offer an overview of departmental roles, highlighting crucial focus areas and their City-wide impact. The accompanying dashboard outlines the major IT projects. All initiatives in the Technology Project Resource Forecast sheet are vetted and endorsed by the City Manager's Office and in alignment with Council Goals.

2024-2025 Citywide Technology Work Plan & Project Dashboard
2023-2024 Citywide Technology Work Plan & Project Dashboard 
Citywide Strategic Technology Roadmap (Fiscal Year 2023-2027)
2021-2022 Citywide Technology Work Plan & Project Dashboard 
2020-2021 Citywide Technology Work Plan
2019-2020 Strategic Technology Work Plan
2018-2019 Strategic Technology Work Plan
2017-2018 Strategic Technology Work Plan
2016-2017 Strategic Technology Work Plan
2013 -2015 Strategic Technology Plan & Progress Assessment