City's Design and Construction Standards

The City of Roseville created Design and Construction Standards to provide design engineers and contractors a reference to the City's requirements for the design and construction of civil improvement projects within the City of Roseville. It is the responsibility of prospective design engineers and contractors to be familiar with these standards.

The 2020 Design and Construction Standards may be purchased through Signature Reprographics at or by calling their Sacramento office at 916-454-0800. Through Signature Reprographics, you can purchase a full printed, tabbed and bound hardcopy, or, you may purchase these updated contents to replace your previous edition pages. Alternatively, you may also download sections for free below.

A full edition of the current standards including all sections and details may be downloaded through the link below:

2020 City of Roseville Design and Construction Standards - (21Mb)


Click the link below to access the 2021 Design & Construction Standards Amendment.  

2021 City of Roseville Design and Construction Standard Amendment Combined Document - (16Mb)

2021 Design Section Amendments - (1.6Mb)

2021 Construction Section Amendments - (1.4Mb)

2021 Detail Amendments - (14Mb)

Email Alerts

Receive email updates when an amendment has been implemented to a standard by clicking here and signing up for the City Gov-Delivery program. Just check the box titled "Design and Construction Standards" and complete the form. If there any questions regarding signing up for the "E-notify" please contact the Development Services Department at (916) 774-5339.


2020 Design Standards (Recent amendments may be found at the link above if available)

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2020 Construction Standards (Recent amendments may be found at the link above if available)

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Details (find recent amendments at the link above)

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Stormwater Quality BMP Guidance Manual for Construction

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