An important element of the City’s approach to homelessness in Roseville includes the Roseville Police Department’s solution-focused approach offering outreach, intervention and re-integration when possible. The department has implemented a Social Services Unit (SSU).

SSU consists of two full-time Officers, a Social Work Practitioner, multiple embedded county liaisons and one full-time Sergeant. Individuals who are at high risk with mental health needs, substance use, or chronic offenders, are often referred to SSU.

The goal of SSU is to proactively address various issues in our community through innovation, collaboration, and solution-focused policing methods, while striving for long-term and meaningful results. SSU uses a blended model of enforcement and services to create impactful results throughout the community. This blended approach of enforcement and services is offered by active outreach, officer prevention, officer intervention, and re-integration.

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