Drought conditions in the western United States require urgent efforts by cities, counties, and water agencies to continue to provide reliable and safe water supplies. Part of our water supply portfolio includes a growing groundwater program. We have groundwater wells located throughout Roseville at critical locations.

Work is underway to construct more wells in Roseville that extract water for drinking water purposes when surface water supplies become limited.  With the use of our groundwater wells, we can complement surface water resources from Folsom Lake and maintain water supply reliability regardless of dry or drought conditions.

Existing well house

This is a well house that is constructed near a park. The new wells will look similar and include landscape features to screen and soften the building attributes. Once the well is operational, you won't notice that they're operating. groundwater well site

As part of the design process, we initiate a noise study to ensure recommendations from that study are 
incorporated into the final design. Our existing groundwater pump stations are fitted with panels for dampening and absorbing sound. And the staff is onsite during regular business hours and occasionally after hours. The design includes perimeter walls to match the existing blocks and we will incorporate landscape plantings to soften the look. 

Active well construction 

Solaire and Westbrook

In October 2021,  we began constructing two new pump stations -- located on Westbrook Drive and  Solaire Drive. These will be completed November 2022.  Click on the image to download the PDF.

groundwater expansion vicinity map

For more information

  • Brian Bergquist, Project Manager, Auburn Constructors, (916) 956-7229     
  • Dan Mount, Construction Manager, Carollo Engineers, (916) 825-5986
  • Janice Gainey, Senior Engineer, City of Roseville, (916) 774-5535 or [email protected]

Campus Oaks and Misty Wood

Campus Oaks and Misty Wood
Click on the image to download the PDF.

We anticipate drilling both the Campus Oaks (well 13) and Misty Wood (well 19) wells in April 2023. Construction of above-ground facilities is scheduled to start in April 2024 and be completed a year later.

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