Tell the Independent Redistricting Commission about your community of interest – keeping communities of interest together is a high-ranking criteria in the redistricting process.


What is a Community of Interest?

A Community of Interest is a group of people in the same geographically definable area who share common social and economic interests. Some examples of Communities of Interest are:

  • Senior citizens
  • College students living near campus
  • People who live downtown or in a neighborhood
  • Dog park community
  • Residents who share a common language
  • People that use the same transportation systems


What criteria will help the Independent Redistricting Commission understand the importance of your community in the redistricting process?

When documenting your community, it is important to address the following questions to assist the Independent Redistricting Commission in the redistricting process:

  1. Does your community have a shared culture, characteristics, or bond?
  2. Is your community geographic in nature? Is your community able to be mapped? Is there density within your community?
  3. Describe your community’s relationship with the City and how it is affected by policy decisions made by the City Council.

The public can submit any testimony, but it is important to remember that your input can be best used if it addresses all three of these questions.

You can submit your input with the web form below.

Communities of Interest

What are the common interests in your community? Describe how they are important:


Explain the geographical location of your community of interest. What are the physical boundaries?


What is the rationale for your community of interest to be used in the City Council redistricting process? Please describe how the issues before the City Council have an impact on your community.



What else would you like to tell us about your community?


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