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Today, the City has the opportunity to prioritize improvements and encourage revitalization of three of Roseville's older commercial corridors with vibrant and walkable streets, thriving businesses with retail and office spaces, community gathering places, and new housing options.

The three commercial corridors are:
         1.  Atlantic Street
         2.  Douglas Boulevard and Harding Boulevard
         3.  Douglas Boulevard and Sunrise Avenue

The strategies, policies, and standards included in these plans will provide opportunities for mixed-use developments to be built in walkable and bikeable environments with enhanced connectivity to adjacent neighborhoods and other destinations.  The plans will include a community-based vision that respects the unique identity of each corridor and their surrounding communities.

Goals & Objectives

The City will collaborate with community members to develop a shared vision for each of the three commercial corridors. Community input will help inform a draft land use plan and a draft Specific Plan for each corridor. 


Each Commercial Corridor Specific Plan will include development standards, design standards, and regulatory incentives to encourage and support appropriate mixed-use spaces, affordable housing, pedestrian-friendly design, public amenities, streetscape beautification, appropriate parking, and convenient access to transit. 


The Corridor Plans project is funded by a mix of sources, including a $310,000 state grant through the Senate Bill 2 Planning Grants Program, all of which is allocated to this project; a $500,000 state grant through the Local Early Action Planning Grants Program, only a portion of which is allocated to this project (the grant is for the City’s Housing Element and implementing projects); and, if needed, additional funding is available through the City’s General Fund.