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The Specific Plans include design guidelines, conceptual streetscape improvement options, and a summary of processes, in addition to background information on the setting, land use, circulation, and utilities. Detailed processes and standards are found within the City’s Zoning Ordinance, in Chapter 19.33 Commercial Corridor Specific Plans. Important highlights include:

Process Streamlining

The detailed processes are included in Chapter 19.33.070 of the Zoning Ordinance, but below are process flowcharts.

Flow Chart for Commercial Projects

Flow Chart for Multi-Family Residential Projects

Other Streamlining

The project included utility studies to facilitate the addition of up to 850 multifamily residential units across all three plan areas, and also included California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation. Multifamily projects consistent with the Specific Plan will not require any further CEQA documentation.

Multifamily Uses are Permitted in Commercial Zones

Multifamily development is permitted within the Community Commercial and Neighborhood Commercial zone districts.

Reduced Multifamily Parking Standards

Multifamily projects at densities of ≥ 25 units per acre in the Douglas-Sunrise Corridor Plan and east of Folsom Road in the Douglas-Harding Corridor Specific Plan have the following reduced parking standards:

Zero to one bedroom – 1 space per unit

Two to three bedrooms – 1.5 spaces per unit

Four or more bedrooms – 2 spaces per unit

AND one guest parking space for every 10 units (rounded up)

Flexibility for “Nonconforming” Uses and Buildings

The detailed regulations are included in Chapter 19.33.040 of the Zoning Ordinance. A commercial use or commercial building in a residential zone is “nonconforming,” but the Specific Plans allow the use to be changed or expanded with approval of an Administrative Permit.

Design Standards

Each Specific Plan includes design standards (in Chapter 6 of each plan) which apply to commercial projects, multifamily projects, and projects on major roadway frontages.