Children's Graphic Novels make reading fun!

Updated December 16, 2021
Why choose Graphic Novels?

Kids love Graphic Novels and having your child excited and loving reading helps build lifelong readers and learners. Graphic novels have drawings, illustrations, and sometimes photos, but they also have text that readers must actually decode, analyze, and comprehend.

Graphic Novels have challenging vocabulary – they expose children to more difficult and unique text and vocabulary.  Complex and high quality vocabulary creates better readers, and kids who are more articulate. 

Graphic Novels level the playing field – reading proficiency is not an indication of intelligence, yet struggling readers are often given easier books that are not up to their maturity levels.  Graphic novels provide an alternative that captures their interest, is at their maturity level, but doesn’t seem as daunting as a larger book. 

Graphic Novels helps kids develop empathy – images are powerful, and graphic novels are full of diverse characters.  Children and teens are exposed to and then relate to children who are different than them. 

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