City of Roseville gathering community views on local government and services

Updated November 13, 2023
To get a comprehensive and accurate picture of Roseville residents’ perspectives about local government, the City of Roseville is conducting the National Community Survey.

The National Community Survey is conducted in 500 cities in nearly every state in the country. Roseville is participating in order to benchmark and track satisfaction levels and priorities over time in our community on a bi-annual basis. 

The survey results will inform the City’s strategic plan, budget, and shed light on perceptions about city and community services.

Three thousand surveys were sent to randomly selected Roseville residents in October. The public online survey is open until Wednesday, November 22.



You will be asked to register before taking the survey to ensure each person only participates once. The registration information is collected by the third-party survey company only. The City does not receive the registration information.

The results of the survey will be presented at the City Council Strategic Plan workshop in February.

In 2021, Roseville residents rated their satisfaction with living in Roseville among the highest in the country in several key areas including as a place to live, utility infrastructure, city services, and economic health.

Many of Roseville’s rankings in the National Community Survey were in the top 10 nationally and several were the best in the nation. Most of Roseville’s rankings were higher than both the national average of 500 cities and of cities with a similar population between 100,000 – 200,000.

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