Why is Managing Projects & Delivering Value Important?

Maintaining the City’s Information Technology portfolio is exciting and challenging work. Our department works diligently to provide support to over 1,500 employees, linking them to a vast array of people and services throughout the City and beyond. You might not see us every day, but we are continuously working behind the scenes, driving and maintaining the technology that runs our digital City 24/7. 

Our Completed Projects include a collection of some of the many technology projects that have been successful in the City.

A list of our Projects in Progress may be viewed to gain some insight on a few projects that the City is presently working on or in the process of completing.

Finally, our Future Projects display a list of what is on the horizon for City of Roseville I.T. 

Completed Projects

Content Management Systems (CMS) Replacement/Content Refresh
The e-Government Team, Communications Team and several City Departments have completed the citywide CMS
replacement. This project has been helpful to;

  • Increase overall communication between residents, businesses and the City.
  • Improve customer service and response times.
  • Integrate our e-Government portal for a seamless mobile to browser experience.
  • Provide two-way interaction that will allow residents to see City responses and request status.
  • Integrate breaking news and event information.
  • Provide an easy-to-use editing component that allows for more efficient self-service updating by departments and production and distribution of specialized electronic newsletters 

Tech Teens (RPAL)
The Tech Teens program is a program offered through the Roseville Police Activities League by the Information Technology Department that will mold future leaders of Information Technology. Students with very little access to resources, mentorship and training will gain the opportunity to learn from the very best. In addition, this program will give City of Roseville team members, surrounding partners, and California State University Sacramento outreach mentors the ability to demonstrate leadership skills. 

The program consists of six informational sessions that cover hardware, software, project management, leadership skills, and customer service. The Tech Teens program gives us the chance to reflect on what we do, why we do it, and who we serve.

Office 365 
We are excited to bring Microsoft‘s innovative cloud solution to the City to help us run, and improve our business. How we go about doing the work of the City is changing and with it a demand for tools to enhance collaboration and mobility. 

4 key things Office 365 delivers for the City of Roseville  

  • Latest Office 2013 suite with secure mobility – Next generation of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher & Access products we know and use today – same best of breed office products and familiar user experience. 
  • Increased capacity for email and file storage – 50 GB mail boxes and 100 GB file storage per user.
  • Integrated communication – staff is able to utilize Skype for instant message or video conferencing each other to enable short and quick communication. Staff can share their desktop with others to edit and discuss documents real time for a true collaboration experience.
  • SharePoint – provides the city the ability to create collaboration workspaces. Team and project sites which are essentially a web page become a collaboration space where all relevant information is consolidated, easy to view and contribute to. Teams can then share documents to collaborate on and version control reduces risk of rework. 

Alert360 (Crowd-Sourcing)
On February 16, 2015, the City of Roseville launched Alert-360 which is the first 911 crowdsourcing smartphone application. This application allows users to receive real-time emergency alerts regarding 911 incidents that are crowd-sourced in their area and as a result then can lend help or avoid an area, depending on the nature of the accident.

This application notifies subscribers of 911 calls in their vicinity. It allows subscribers to push content up to the Alert-360 website (images/ text/ video). In addition, authorized personnel can see content, and send messages through an online portal. This new application has provided situational awareness for City employees, improved information gathering from witnesses, and increased citizen interaction.

Agenda Automation 
This new system has streamlined the Council Communication submittal and agenda creation process through an automated electronic workflow process. It has reduced resources and the time required for the agenda process, helps create consistency in the CC submittal and agenda creation process, and mitigate operational impacts. 

Projects in Progress

The City is in the early planning stages of replacing our current IFAS system with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. An ERP is a business management software system that fully integrates the City’s core finance, budget, human resources, payroll, and procurement functions. This multi-year project will touch nearly every City department and every City employee in some way. The focus is on improving and implementing best-practice business processes. 

 A multi-disciplinary ERP Steering Committee and Executive Sponsor Committee has been established to lead the project. One of the early tasks is to hire a consulting firm to help us with business requirements, project planning and system procurement. City Staff from across departments and functional areas will be called upon to help identify business processes that are candidates for improvement and that are impacted by an ERP system.  

 These city employees will span all departments and will collaborate with the project team and consultants to ensure that business requirements are known and documented.
New World 
New World Systems was selected to replace the legacy Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) for Police and Fire, and the Records Management System (RMS) for Police. 

 The new system provides additional functionality than is currently in use by Roseville Public Safety today. Those additional modules include; field reporting, case management, gang information and tracking, advanced mapping system for police and fire, data mining tools, and much more. 

 Prior to 2015, the City’s CAD/RMS system was hosted by Placer County as part of a regional public safety system. The new system will allow Roseville to function independently, while also moving forward with data sharing partnerships with Placer County and other neighboring agencies. The first phase of this project went live May 2015.

Future Projects


Can I contact Information Technology for information about the City of Roseville?

While the name Information Technology sounds like 4-1-1, we actually do not provide information assistance. We provide technology support and solutions to City of Roseville departments and employees. .

Does the Information Technology Department provide technical support to residents or businesses?

Unfortunately, no. The Information Technology Department provides technology support and solutions for internal City of Roseville departments only. 

My company would like to sell the City of Roseville technology solutions, who do I contact?

All open requests for proposals are available on the Purchasing and Bid Information page. .

What does the Information Technology (IT) department do?

The Information Technology (IT) Department provides technology support and solutions for City of Roseville departments and employees. .

Who is the City of Roseville's Chief Information Officer?

Hong Sae Chief Information Officer
 (916) 774-5151 .