Maintaining the City’s Information Technology portfolio is exciting and challenging work. Our department works diligently to provide support to over 1,500 employees, linking them to a vast array of people and services throughout the City and beyond. You might not see us every day, but we are continuously working behind the scenes, driving and maintaining the technology that runs our digital City 24/7. 

FY21/22 Project Portfolio

In fiscal year 21/22, Roseville has allocated an anticipated budget of $26,856,000 for technology projects (this incorporates multi-year initiatives). A multitude of exciting projects are on the horizon, with significant focus on the implementation of Police Body Cameras and the replacement of the Parks, Recreation, and Libraries' registration system.

For a comprehensive breakdown of these projects and more detailed insights, we encourage you to refer to our forecast information.

FY23/24 Project Portfolio

As we step into fiscal year 23/24, Roseville is poised with a robust budget of $51,024,000 earmarked for diverse technology projects, including several transformative endeavors. Noteworthy initiatives in the pipeline encompass the implementation of a cutting-edge CRM system, the replacement of Council Agenda Software, the implementation of the public records request system, and the ambitious website replacement project.

For a more in-depth comprehension of these pivotal projects and comprehensive project-related insights, we urge you to delve into our detailed forecast information.