Secret Santa spreads holiday cheer with Adventure Club donation

Updated December 21, 2021
A Secret Santa recently gave the Parks, Recreation & Libraries Adventure Club thousands of dollars to donate to deserving families in the community. The anonymous donor called to pay their bill, and then asked to donate an additional $2,000 dollars to Adventure Club families. The Adventure Clubs are childcare facilities operated by the City of Roseville that provide a safe, caring environment for elementary school-age children. The family making the gift had only one request, the funds go to families in need. 
Administrative Technician Bryanne McCown made the calls to the five families that were selected to benefit from the donation and said the reactions were priceless, “When I called to give one family the good news, the mom was on the verge of tears. She explained they spent the better part of last year making ends meet since both parents were laid off from their companies during COVID.” 

Other families who received a call were just as grateful. “The single mother, who supports her two children, started crying when I let her know that our Adventure Club Santa was crediting her account. She shared that she was so stressed about paying her tuition and had been debating paying outstanding bills or giving her children Christmas. Thanks to this donation, she will be able to buy her children gifts and enjoy the holidays stress free,” she adds. 

“This is what the holiday season is all about,” says Recreation and Libraries Supervisor Tobi Thomas. “It truly warmed my heart hearing about the donation and how much it means to these families to receive a gift like this.”
“Every single parent I spoke with was beyond appreciative of this gift and made sure to let me know that their child/children truly enjoy our program,” adds Bryanne. “I am so glad I was able to help spread more joy this holiday season thanks to the generosity of our Secret Santa!”

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