Roseville utilities celebrates the completion of meter upgrade

Updated June 13, 2024

More than 120,000 meters installed; project wraps up under schedule. 

On June 30, Roseville Utilities hit a significant milestone by completing the full deployment phase of the multi-year meter upgrade project. The project involved upgrading existing electric and water meters to industry-standard models capable of wirelessly transmitting readings and essential service information to both utilities. 

This jointly funded project by Roseville Electric and Environmental Utilities’ water utility, which came three months ahead of schedule, involved replacing more than 120,000 utility metering devices for commercial and residential customers. 

“Modernizing our metering system is a game-changer for both the environment and our customers,” said Assistant Environmental Utilities Director, Sean Bigley. “It allows us to monitor usage patterns better, reduce waste, and offer more personalized support to our residents.” 

The meter upgrade uses advanced metering infrastructure and introduces a two-way communication system for electric and water meters. City employees will no longer need to visit homes or businesses to read meters physically; they can send commands through the network to connect services and perform maintenance virtually. Ultimately, it will yield faster customer service resolution and smarter billing information for utilities and our customers. 

“Getting info quickly from meters will make utilities work better. This means finding leaks in water faster, knowing when the power goes out, and telling people when their services start or stop,” Project Manager, Caitlin Ornelas explained. “We’re already becoming more efficient.” 

With the completion of this project, Roseville Electric and Environmental Utilities are developing new features to let customers access their meter data. This will enable residents to monitor their water and electricity usage, providing an excellent benefit for both customers and Roseville Utilities. 

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