Roseville Police start body camera program

Updated September 13, 2021
Officer with body camera

Roseville Police officers begin using body worn cameras

In another positive step in strengthening our relationship with those we serve; the City of Roseville Police Department has implemented a new body worn camera program. 

The BenefitsClose up of body camera 

  • Having audio and visual recordings has proven to be a great asset to police agencies and their communities.  
  • Body worn camera footage helps supplement an officer’s police report with the visual documentation of the overall encounter. 
  • Studies have shown there to be great benefits of body worn cameras in criminal investigations and enforcement actions.  
  • Body worn cameras allow for an increased level of accountability and transparency. 
  • They allow police supervisors to quickly identify and address operational or performance issues.

While the Roseville Police Department has relative few police "use of force" incidents each year, many agencies have shown a reduction in officer "use of force" following the inception of a body worn camera program.

Getting to the point of putting these body cameras on the street has been no small feat. Body worn camera systems are expensive to purchase and maintain. The largest expense is the storage and archiving of hours of camera footage from each day. 

In July 2021, the Roseville City Council approved a five-year contract for just over $750,000 with LensLock, a company specializing in body camera programs. The contract will provide Roseville PD with 150 body cameras, enough for every Roseville Police officer.