Roseville one of safest cities for women in the country

Updated November 05, 2019
Roseville is one of the safest cities for women in the United States according to an analysis done by Roseville was ranked 24th out of 261 cities.

In the analysis of the safest cities for women, ValuePenguin compiled 31 different factors with data taken from 11 reputable sources.

They studied not only crime statistics but also availability and access to appropriate healthcare, cancer rates, education levels, workplace policies, female representation at the mayoral level as well as in the police force, conviction rates of offenders and income levels.

These factors were grouped into four categories: crime; healthcare; public policy and representation; and education and wealth. The latter two categories — public policy and representation and education and wealth — were considered secondary factors by ValuePenguin rather than primary factors in affecting the safety of a city for women.