Roseville embraces the future of reliable energy

Updated September 05, 2019
IEMI Graph
Roseville Electric Utility is entering into a new agreement to increase dependability while providing cleaner, greener energy.

On September 4, 2019, the Roseville City Council voted unanimously to join the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Energy Imbalance Market (EIM). The EIM is an opportunity for Roseville to lower costs and carbon emissions by accessing a broader western wholesale energy market, while maintaining local control.

By allowing us and other participants to buy and sell power closer in time to when the electricity is used, the EIM aligns resources, loads and benefits from fewer energy imbalances, lower costs, carbon emissions, and increased reliability.

"EIM enables Roseville access to a diverse and expanding energy market to reduce energy-supply costs and continue delivering high service levels to our customers at competitive rates,” said Roseville Electric Utility Director Michelle Bertolino.

Since 2014, CAISO’s EIM has grown to nine participants, with nine additional participants scheduled to join by 2022. One of the active participants is the Balancing Authority of Northern California (BANC), of which Roseville is a member. Roseville will participate in EIM through its BANC membership, and expects full implementation in spring 2021.

Roseville estimates all costs for implementation will be recovered by reduced power-supply expenses within two to four years.

Visit the Western EIM’s website for more information.