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Updated October 24, 2023
We take pride in maintaining and enhancing the green spaces, recreational areas, natural habitats and our aquatics facilities that make Roseville a wonderful place to live.

We invite you to explore the various job opportunities we offer on our Parks team which is part of our Parks, Recreation & Libraries Department. Each role plays a crucial part in making Roseville's parks, aquatics and outdoor areas the best they can be.

See which jobs interest you and apply today. Want to learn more about our Parks team?


The Agronomics team is dedicated to ensuring our parks and sports fields are in top-notch condition year-round. If you have a passion for turf management, chemical applications, and maintaining safe, beautiful facilities, this team is the perfect fit for you.


Our Aquatics Team focuses on managing and maintaining our 5 pools and 4 spray grounds.  Ensuring our facilities are clean, functional and safe for public use, as well as supporting our Aquatics programs and user groups. Our pools are utilized year-round, so we are looking for people who enjoy working on a team, are eager to learn and take pride in their work.


The Infrastructure team ensures that park assets are in top condition, from playgrounds to benches and signage. Be a part of keeping our parks safe and functional for the community.


Join the Irrigation Team and help us maintain the city's irrigation systems. We're committed to water conservation and take pride in using modern technology to prevent water wastage.

Open Space

Roseville's natural areas are a treasure, and the Open Space team is responsible for preserving them. If you're passionate about preserving open space, creeks, bike trails, and helping manage unsheltered issues, consider joining this team.

Park Development

The Park Development team is responsible for creating new parks, renovating existing ones, and ensuring that construction aligns with all regulations and standards. If you have a background in park and landscape construction, this team needs your expertise.


Our Porter/Events team is the first point of contact for our parks, ensuring they're clean, safe, and ready for use. This team also supports various city events, making a significant impact on our community.

Regional Parks

The Mahany\Maidu Park Team is at the heart of maintaining Mahany Regional Park. From landscape maintenance to sports field preparations and custodial duties, this team plays a pivotal role in keeping our park pristine for our residents.


The Streetscapes team oversees the construction, repair, and maintenance of urban landscapes and signage throughout the city. Join this team to make our city's neighborhoods even more beautiful.

Urban Forestry

If you're passionate about trees and the urban environment, join the Urban Forestry team. They manage the city's trees, conduct health evaluations, and oversee tree management contractors.

Apply Today!

If you're ready to contribute to the maintenance and growth of Roseville's outdoor spaces, explore the job opportunities on our Parks team. Each group plays a unique and essential role in keeping our city beautiful and welcoming.

To apply for any of these positions, visit the City of Roseville's Jobs page Join us in creating a better outdoor experience for our community.

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