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Updated February 14, 2022

The City of Roseville is relaunching our open data portal, providing the public updated data about city services and finances. The improved open data portal, called Open Roseville, will eventually house hundreds of city datasets providing greater transparency, accountability and access to city data.

 “Open Roseville is a powerful tool giving the public the opportunity to more easily access and use City data to better understand our services, and use the information in a variety of creative and helpful ways,” said Dominick Casey, Roseville City Manager.

Open Roseville allows the public to interact with the data, download data files, and analyze and visualize the information in their own way. Open Roseville can be accessed at

“The City is moving rapidly toward a smart and more transparent future with publicly available performance tracking dashboards. Our goals are to be inclusive, intentional and interactive,” said Hong Sae, Roseville Chief Information Officer

Some of the benefits of Open Roseville include:

  • Transparency – Open Roseville makes it easier for the public to monitor city activities, such as tracking budget expenditures and revenues.
  • Public Service Improvement – It provides the raw materials to contribute to the improvement of public services.
  • Innovation and Economic Value – City data is a key resource for innovation and economic growth, providing new opportunities for collaboration with businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Efficiency – Open Roseville also makes it easier and faster for city employees to get the data they need to serve the public more efficiently and effectively.

Datasets will be uploaded to the Open Roseville portal throughout the year, with a full interactive city Open Budget portal scheduled to be released later this year. The Open Budget portal will feature a variety of datasets on Roseville’s expenditures and revenues.

An interactive Capital Projects Explorer with an easy-to-use dashboard tracking city capital projects, costs, timelines, photos and maps is also scheduled to be available in 2022.

Open Roseville is powered by the Data & Insights solution from Tyler Technologies.

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