Roseville increases penalties for illegal fireworks

Updated June 14, 2024
Fireworks - Keep it legal. Keep it safe.
Illegal fireworks carry many risks, including injury to yourself or others, property damage from fires or explosions, the safety of our first responders, costs of responding to emergencies, environmental harm to open space and air quality, and legal consequences for people who use them.  

The Roseville City Council amended the municipal code in May 2024, making penalties for those who use illegal fireworks much more severe starting this year.   

Here’s what you need to know: 

Stiffer fines for illegal fireworks
  • Each individual illegal firework counts as a separate offense.  
  • First offense: $750 fine  
  • Each subsequent offense: $1,000 fine   

More severe legal consequences  

  • Possession of illegal fireworks can now be cited as a criminal misdemeanor, not just an infraction.  

Liability for the costs for emergency response 

  • Individuals responsible for illegal fireworks can be charged the actual costs of emergency responses, in addition to fines, which typically run thousands of dollars.  

Responsibility of property owners   

  • Penalties are now in place for owners, renters, and anyone hosting a gathering who knowingly allows the use or storage of illegal fireworks on their property.  

Only Safe and Sane fireworks sold at licensed fireworks booths throughout the community are legal. These are only sold during designated times between June 28 and July 4 and can only be legally discharged during that time. 

Visit to learn more about the new municipal code, what kind of fireworks are allowed in the City of Roseville, how to report illegal fireworks, fireworks safety tips and other frequently asked questions.

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