City Council approves Commercial Corridors Project plans

Updated December 22, 2022
Roseville City Council unanimously approved the Commercial Corridors Project plans at the December 21 meeting. Watch the presentation.

The Commercial Corridors Project sets the stage for future investment in three of Roseville's older corridors:
- Atlantic Street,
- Douglas Boulevard and Harding Boulevard, and
- Douglas Boulevard and Sunrise Avenue.

These Commercial Corridors Project Specific Plans encourage pedestrian-friendly design, public amenities, streetscape beautification, appropriate parking, access to transit, flexible and mixed uses, and housing. 

"The plans are intended to stimulate reinvestment and redevelopment in properties within older commercial areas by allowing private developers to save time and costs with a clear, streamlined and consistent process," said Greg Bitter, City of Roseville Planning Manager. 

Each long-range plan includes commercial reinvestment and redevelopment incentives and design guidelines, streetscape and frontage design standards, and land use changes. 

Since 2021, extensive community engagement has shaped the Commercial Corridors Project, so plans reflect the unique identity of each corridor and surrounding neighborhoods.

Learn more about the Commercial Corridors Project.