Celebrating waste and recycling workers week

Updated June 16, 2024
As we celebrate Waste and Recycling Workers Week from June 16-22, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the dedicated professionals in our Waste Services division. This week is a special opportunity to recognize the hardworking individuals who ensure that our city remains clean, green, and environmentally friendly.

From the early morning routes of our garbage truck drivers to the attentive assistance of our customer service representatives, every member of our Waste Services team plays a crucial role in maintaining the high standards of service that Roseville residents rely on.

Our waste services team

Garbage truck drivers: Our drivers are the backbone of waste collection. Each day, they navigate the streets of Roseville with precision and care, ensuring that waste, recycling, and green waste are collected efficiently. Their commitment to safety and professionalism ensures that our community remains pristine.

Organics compliance: This dedicated team works alongside restaurants, business owners, and other commercial properties to ensure the proper recycling of organic waste is in place. This program helps keep the organic waste out of landfills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and bolsters alternative energy by diverting this waste to create compost.

Customer service representatives: Often the first point of contact, our customer service team provides invaluable support to residents. Whether it’s answering questions about waste collection schedules, providing guidance on proper disposal, or addressing concerns, their dedication ensures a seamless experience for our community.

Maintenance and operations staff: Behind the scenes, our maintenance and operations personnel ensure that all equipment and facilities run smoothly. Their expertise is vital to the efficiency of our waste services.

Beyond the bin

Take a closer look at our team as we shine a light on the unsung heroes of Roseville. These hardworking individuals take immense pride in keeping our community clean and green, day in and day out. You'll discover the commitment, perseverance, and community spirit that go beyond the ordinary. Visit Roseville.ca.us/BeyondTheBin and get to know the workers whose daily efforts make a significant impact on our city’s well-being.

Looking ahead

As we celebrate this week, we also look forward to continuing our mission of providing excellent service. Our commitment to sustainability and community well-being drives us to innovate and improve constantly.

Thank you to all our waste and recycling workers for your dedication and hard work. Your efforts keep Roseville beautiful and sustainable every day.

For more information about our Waste Services division, residential and commercial services, and proper disposal techniques, visit Roseville.ca.us/trash.

Happy Waste and Recycling Workers Week!