Accessible Pedestrian SignalAccessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) are designed to make crosswalks more accessible for everyone by providing audible and tactile information. 

Here’s how they work. 

Locate Tone ‐ When you approach an intersection with an APS, you will hear a beeping locate tone when you are within 6 – 12 feet of the signal. This sounds once per second and helps direct you to the push button.

Tactile Arrow Button ‐ Once you locate the push button, you will find the button has a tactile raised arrow pointing in the direction of the crosswalk. Once you push the button, you'll immediately hear the word “wait” spoken.

Pre‐Walk Information ‐ Press and hold the button until you hear a voice message announcing the name of the street. For example, "Wait to cross Junction at Vallejo."

Walk Notification - When it's time to proceed, you'll hear a message repeating the name of the street, followed by, "Walk sign is on to cross."  

Currently, Accessible Pedestrian Signals are at the following intersections.

More locations are being added as new intersections are built and existing intersections undergo improvements. 

•  Baseline & Westbrook 
•  Blue Oaks & Diamond Creek 
•  Blue Oaks & Fidelity 
•  Blue Oaks & Walgreens 
•  Blue Oaks & Washington 
•  Blue Oaks & Woodcreek Oaks
•  Cirby & Kaiser/Cirby Hills 
•  Cirby & Rocky Ridge Oak & Grant
•  Cirby & Sunrise 
•  Douglas & Rocky Ridge 
•  Douglas & Santa Clara 
•  Douglas & Sierra Gardens 
•  Douglas & Sunrise 
•  Douglas & Target 
•  E. Roseville Parkway & Eureka 
•  Fiddyment & Vista Grande/Westhills 
•  Foothills & Baseline/Main 
•  Junction & Vallejo/Event Center 
•  Oak & Lincoln
•  Pleasant Grove & Fiddyment
•  Pleasant Grove & Hallissy/Gold Coast
•  Rocky Ridge & Maidu
•  Stanford Ranch & Hwy‐65 (NB)
•  Sunrise & Coloma
•  Vernon & Lincoln
•  Washington & Freedom
•  In construction: Westbrook & Octave/Payson
•  Woodcreek Oaks & Camino Capistrano/Zinnia
•  Woodcreek Oaks & Painted Desert