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Get active and walk or pedal to school!

Kids will learn new healthy and fun habits. You’ll help reduce traffic in Roseville neighborhoods and around our schools, improving safety. 


Since 2009, the City of Roseville Safe Routes to School program has been encouraging schools to promote walking and biking as an alternate mode of transportation to school. Safe Routes to School staff work closely with schools within any Roseville school district to coordinate walking and biking programs including: International Walk and Bike to School Days, Walking Wednesdays (weekly walking clubs using Scan & Notify), Bike Rodeos, safety assemblies, Drop & Walk program, and school safety patrol.

Why walk, bike, or roll to school?
- Improve your family's overall health
- Improve your child's academic achievement and focus during school
- Provide daily physical activity
- Teach your child responsibility and independence
- Provide quality time with you and your child every day
- Reduce traffic congestion and the stress of school drop-offs and pick-ups

What can you do?
- Walk, bicycle, or roll with your child to school at least one day a week, or encourage them to do so with friends.
- If you live far away, use a Drop & Walk location and walk the rest of the way to school
- Teach your child the rules of the road and how to deal with strangers
- If you have traffic safety concerns, talk to your school administrators and City of Roseville Safe Routes to School staff. 

Helmet & Bike Safety

Pedestrian Safety

Drop & Walk

Skip school traffic, use a remote drop-off location. 

Active 4 Me

Be notified when your child arrives at school.