The Records Unit is responsible for the release of police report copies, vehicle impound releases, parking citation appeals, letters of good conduct and various other duties in support of the many department units.

Report Copies:
The California Public Records Act states police crime reports are public records but are exempt from release to the public.

The exception to this is the release of crime reports to the victim, their authorized representative or an insurance carrier against which a claim might be made. [CAGC 7923.600]

Arrest information (including arrest reports) is classified as confidential after 30 days from the date of the arrest.

Collision reports are releasable to drivers, authorized representative of the driver, owners of vehicles or of property damaged and persons who may incur civil liability. (CVC20012). You can call the records unit to request the status of a Collision report. You can also request a copy of a Collision report electronically.

Please call the Records Unit to inquire regarding the release of a report copy or to verify a report is ready. You can also request a copy of a report electronically.

Citation corrections ("fix-it ticket") sign offs:
You can get your "fix-it ticket" signed off at the Roseville Police Department on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. After you've fixed the issue, bring your citation and the vehicle that needed fixing to the department during those hours, and one of our community service officers will verify the correction and sign your cite. We do not have staff available for this service other than during those times. If it is a Roseville issued citation, there is no charge. If it was issued by another agency, there is a $11 charge. 

Vehicle Impound Releases:
If your vehicle was impounded due to a specific vehicle code violation, you are required to obtain a release from the police department prior to the vehicle's release to you from the tow yard. The tow yard will require all towing fees are paid prior to release. The vehicle is released to the registered owner and the vehicle must be currently registered with DMV. The registered owner must have a valid license or have a licensed driver who is willing to take responsibility for driving the vehicle from the tow yard. The cost of a vehicle release is $202.00* and is paid at the Police Department. Payments can be made in cash or Visa/Master Card.

Note: We do not accept bills over $20. 

A 30-day hold impound is imposed on a vehicle if a driver is cited for driving with a suspended or revoked driver's license or was involved in a speed contest. The registered owner is entitled to a storage release hearing to appeal the 30-day hold, within 10 days of the notice of storage, at a cost of $98*. The hearing is done within 48 business hours (not including weekends) after receipt of requested appeal and normally done over the phone. Please contact the Records Unit to request a storage release hearing.

*Fee effective July 1, 2024. To confirm the current fee amount, you may call the Records Unit at (916) 774-5030.

Repossessed Vehicle Releases:
If your vehicle was repossessed from a location in Roseville, the cost to obtain a release is $15 and is paid at the Police Department.

Paying Parking Citations:
To make a payment for a citation received in the City of Roseville, go to the following website:

Parking Citation Appeals:
If you receive a parking citation in the city of Roseville, you may appeal the citation. The following form is filled out to appeal the citation and is submitted to the Records Unit. Parking Citation Appeal Form

Please use the space allowed on the form to provide the reason(s) for appealing the citation.

Once submitted the notice of the judgment of your appeal is mailed to the address provided on the form within 7-10 days.

If your appeal is denied and wish to request a second level hearing, the fine must first be paid and a written request for a second level hearing is submitted with your payment.

Letters of Good Conduct:
Letters of Good conduct are often requested by various government and international organizations in matters of immigration and international adoptions.

A Letter of Good Conduct is a letter attesting to the contacts a Roseville citizen has with the police departments.
The cost of a Letter of Good Conduct is $21* per person. If the letter requires notarization, the fee is $15* in addition to the cost of the letter. Letter of Good Conduct Application

*Fee effective July 1, 2024. To confirm the current fee amount, you may call the Records Unit at (916) 774-5030.

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