Due to a special Transportation Plan Agreement with Sun City Roseville, there are different rules for golf carts operated on public streets within Sun City.

Golf carts that will be operated only within Sun City do not need to be registered with the DMV; however, they must be registered with the police department.  

There is a standing registration appointment at 0830 hours on the third Thursday of each month, near the Main Lodge by the tennis courts (first come, first served).  The golf carts get an equipment inspection, verification of current insurance and valid driver’s license of the owner, and each is issued a registration sticker.  

Golf carts are not considered NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles)/LSVs (Low Speed Vehicles) – both of which are required to have DMV registration.

An NEV/LSV can be considered a golf cart when operated near a golf course that has local ordinances allowing it (and it follows the same rules for registration noted above).

Golf carts can only be operated on streets with MPH of 25 or less.

Questions?  Call Nina Phelps at 916-746-1081 or email at [email protected]