Welcome to the Roseville Police Loss Prevention Portal

The Roseville Police Department has developed a standardized reporting system for Roseville businesses with active loss prevention programs. This form must be used by Loss Prevention employees to report their in-custody arrests.

Loss Prevention Form / fillable PDF
Loss Prevention Report Narrative Guidelines

Loss Prevention Form instructions:
This report must be completed by Loss Prevention and presented to the Roseville Police Department representative on arrival. Ideally, complete this form prior to calling the Roseville Police Department to turn over your arrest. Extenuating circumstances, such as combative suspects or suspicious circumstances, would most likely warrant a phone call at the time of arrest. Fill out this form as completely and as neatly as possible. It must be typed or NEATLY block printed in black pen. No other variations will be accepted. Digital forms are available. Stores and loss prevention agents are responsible for making and having available their own forms. Officers will not carry Loss Prevention Reports.

Don't forget to write a thorough narrative!

You will need Adobe Reader to fill out the form linked above. For the most up to date version of Adobe Reader, go to http://www.adobe.com/.

Official Trespass Notice

Complete this form when you want to officially notify an individual that they can no longer enter into your business, and/or onto your property if the area around your business is not shared with other businesses.  When officially served, the trespass order is valid and enforceable until rescinded by the owner, owner’s agent, or person in lawful possession of the property.

Attach the original signed document to the Loss Prevention Officer’s Report given to the Roseville Police Department, provide one copy to the subject being trespassed, and one copy is for your records.

Trespass Agent Authorization
Complete this form if you want to authorize Roseville Police officers to act on your behalf as an agent of your property when encountering any person(s) found on the property without consent or without lawful purpose. These forms must be signed by the property owner or an authorized agent for the property owners, and are valid for a year. After a year, they must be renewed.