Swim Lessons

Your children from 6 months old to 14 years old can focus on fun, safety and basic swimming skills. These swim lessons are inclusive, however we have adaptive swim lessons for children with disabilities that provide specialized instruction. Adult lessons and private lessons are also available. All swim instructors are certified in lifeguard training, CPR, AED and First Aid. Registration information for swimming lessons is available in our Recreation Guide.

Parent Participation Update (effective 6/28/2021)
Parent participation requirements have changed due to the COVID-19 reopening.

Starfish, Duck and Alligator classes still require parent participation, AKA parent in the water, due to limited staffing resources.

All other lesson levels no longer require parents to assist in the water.

This information has not been updated on all the individual swim lessons in our registration system. When you register, it may still say that parent participation is required for certain levels that no longer require parents to assist. Staff are working to update each lesson.

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Preschool Age Lessons (Ages: 6 months - 6 years)

School Age Lessons (Age: 5-14)

Pre-Competitive Swimming

Other Programs