It is impossible to ignore the impact of technology on our daily lives. However, in order to gain the benefits of technology, organizations, like Roseville, must adapt and grow how we conduct business. The Information Technology vision for the years to come is to focus on how partnerships, processes and technology can help us become a successful Smart City.

In alignment with our Council Goals, the following focus areas have been established to guide our course toward a better future.

Goal A. Transform our city through people and partnerships

Utilize trusted partnerships to achieve shared goals.


1. Identify and continually assess technology priorities based on available
resources and service demands.

2. Increase collaboration between the IT department and operating
departments for greater understanding of business needs.

3. Set priorities that align with the business needs of operating departments
and the community.

4. Provide training, knowledge and tools to increase citywide technology
skills and capacity.

5. Evaluate citywide capacity to manage the complexity and breadth of the
city’s network, systems, and projects.

6. Define technology-related roles and responsibilities for optimal
service delivery.

Goal B. Optimize City operations through process efficiency

Implement technology solutions that meet the needs of the organization and the community.


1. Use technology to improve access to City services

2. Leverage new and existing tools and integrate as appropriate across departments

3. Evaluate and introduce technology that aligns to citywide interests and meets standards

4. Market existing technology to increase the use of available tools and processes

5. Develop a training strategy that will expand the use of available technology

6. Regularly review how well technology systems, processes and practices meet current and future business needs

7. Expand multisource strategies to support citywide technology need

8. Ensure the governance process results in innovative projects and solutions that meet citywide business needs

Goal C. Ensure reliable and secure technology

Provide technology infrastructure that ensures continuity of operations and information security.


1. Make technology accessible, reliable and secure

2. Maintain and improve the City’s existing IT infrastructure

3. Anticipate and mitigate business technology risks to ensure reliable City operations

4. Collaborate with departments and define roles and responsibilities to ensure disaster recovery plans support effective business continuity

5. Establish service level agreements that set expectations and staff accordingly

6. Increase shared ownership of cyber and information security through user education to ensure a secure citywide technology environment

7. Develop an organizational culture that values information security

8. Anticipate and address costs associated with growth and service expansion

More information on our Strategic Technology Roadmap can be found HERE.