The following downloadable files are provided to meet a high standard for financial transparency.

Financial Policies

     Effective July 1, 2022

Schedule of User and Regulatory Fees

      Effective July 1, 2022
      Amended July 6, 2022
      Amended December 7, 2022
      Amended January 18, 2023

Budgets and Reports

Adopted Budget  
Budget in
First Quarter
Mid Year/
Second Quarter Report
Third Quarter
Year End/
Fourth Quarter Report

Annual Comprehensive
Report (ACFR)
Year End Single
FY2024 Budget in
FY2023  Budget in
FY2023 First Qtr           
FY2022  Budget in Brief  Not Applicable FY2022 Second Qtr  FY2022 Third Qtr  FY2022 Year End 2022  FY2022 Single Audit 
 Not Applicable Not Applicable  FY2021 Second Qtr FY2021 Third Qtr FY2021 Year End 2021 FY2021 Single Audit 
 Budget in Brief  Not Applicable  FY2020 Second Qtr
FY2020 Third Qtr FY2020 Year End
2020 FY2020 Single Audit
Not Applicable
FY2019 First Qtr  FY2019 Second Qtr FY2019 Third Qtr
FY2019 Year End
2019 FY2019 Single Audit
FY2018 Not Applicable FY2018 First Qtr  FY2018 Second Qtr FY2018 Third Qtr FY2018 Year End 2018 FY2018 Single Audit
FY2017  Not Applicable Not Applicable FY2017 Mid Year FY2017 Third Qtr FY2017 Year End 2017 FY2017 Single Audit
FY2016  Not Applicable Not Applicable FY2016 Mid Year Not Applicable FY2016 Year End 2016 FY2016 Single Audit
FY2015  Not Applicable Not Applicable FY2015 Mid Year Not Applicable FY2015 Year End 2015 FY2015 Single Audit
FY2014  Not Applicable Not Applicable FY2014 Mid Year Not Applicable FY2014 Year End 2014 FY2014 Single Audit
FY2013  Not Applicable Not Applicable FY2013 Mid Year Not Applicable FY2013 Year End 2013 FY2013 Single Audit
FY2012  Not Applicable Not Applicable FY2012 Mid Year Not Applicable FY2012 Year End 2012 FY2012 Single Audit