Where does Roseville’s water come from?

Surface water resources
Roseville’s water supply comes from multiple sources, primarily Folsom Lake. The City has a long-term water contract with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Every spring, the Bureau determines our yearly water allocation based on factors such as precipitation and snow pack. In normal or wet years, this is typically 100 percent of our contracted amount. During drought years, that allocation can be reduced. So, as a back-up, we have additional water contacts with Placer County Water Agency and San Juan Water District.

Groundwater supplies

Roseville also has groundwater wells used when needed based on water supply conditions.

With these wells brings Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) technology that allows us to treat surface water, inject this water below ground into the water aquifer, and then recover it from the ground when needed. We have yet to do this on a large scale, but it presents possibilities to surface water supplies when they’re plentiful.

The long term goal of Roseville's ASR Program is to implement a full-scale project of up to 12 wells, capable of injecting 10,000 acre-feet of water per year.

Once the program is fully implemented, the ASR wells would help meet operational needs to ensure that water reliability of the system is maintained. This could mean operation of the well even during wet or normal years. In dry years or in a drought situation, the City would employ the well to ensure that the city's water supply is reliable.

A fully implemented ASR program will allow Roseville to prepare for the future by banking water during times of plenty and extracting water during drought conditions. By providing a "water savings account,¨ Roseville is literally saving for a non-rainy day.

Recycled water availability
Roseville’s innovative Recycled Water Program was initiated in 1997. Recycled water can be used for many purposes except as drinking water. Harnessing recycled water for landscapes saves potable water for people. We’ve gone from only one commercial customer to some 100 sites that irrigate with recycled water, including parks, golf courses and road medians. Roseville’s parks are our largest recycled water customers, using this sustainable source for 25 percent of their water needs.


Folsom Lake

Our water supply comes from Folsom Lake.  We have the ability to divert more than 30,000 acre feet of water for our customers.