Did you know that used motor oil from a single oil change can pollute up to one million gallons of freshwater?

Small changes can make a big difference:

  • Keep your vehicle well maintained
  • Use drip pans to catch leaks
  • Use an absorbent (like kitty litter) to soak up accidental spills
  • Always dispose of used motor oil and waste properly

Proper Oil & Filter Disposal

Follow these steps to ensure you’re properly disposing your used motor oil & filter:

  • Don’t throw used motor oil in the garbage or down the drain!
  • Avoid mixing used oil with other fluids
  • Place used oil filters in a re-sealable bag or other leak-proof container
  • Use our free curbside pick-up service


  • Take your used oil and filters to our free drop-off locations
  • Transport oil in containers with a tightly-sealed lid
  • Always wait for an attendant/store clerk to accept your used oil

Drop off locations

WPWMA Household Waste Facility
3195 Athens Ave., Lincoln, CA
(916) 543-3960
Open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Check out CalRecycle’s list of Certified Used Oil Collection Centers in Placer County for additional drop off locations.