Industrial and Commercial Facilities that operate and discharge wastewater to the City of Roseville's two wastewater treatment plants are required to submit information on the quantity and quality of wastewater that is to be or is currently being discharged. In an effort to streamline this process, Building Permit Applicants are required to fill out an Application for Non Domestic Wastewater Discharge. Please complete this form and submit it to the Roseville Building Department when submitting your application via the Online Permitting Services (OPS) Portal.

DENTAL FACILITIES are only required to complete the One Time Compliance Report Roseville - Dental Office Category.
If you believe you are exempt from the Dental Regulation, 40 CFR 441, please complete the Dental Office Category Exemption Form Roseville. Please submit these forms to the Roseville Building Department via your OPS portal.

A list of Regulated Business Practices are required to be monitored by Federal and Local environmental regulation. These types of businesses may generate wastewater that has a higher potential to disrupt treatment operations.

If you have any questions regarding the completion of these forms please contact the Industrial Waste Division (916) 746-1882 or
email [email protected].