Every day. That is how often we use water.

Updated October 15, 2020
Every day. That is how often we use water.

Every day.  That is how often we use water.  Could you imagine a day without water? No water to drink or use to make food. No water to shower, flush the toilet, or brush your teeth. Firefighters couldn't put out fires, pools would be closed, and farmers couldn't water their crops. And, your local restaurants, golf courses and parks would be closed.

As a community-owned utility, it is our goal to make sure that when you need us, we are there to provide safe, clean, affordable and reliable water supplies.

Your water, your resource

  • Residential customers use about 100 gallons of water per day, per person
  • Roseville’s water is less than a penny per gallon
  • Sophisticated water quality testing and treatment for unmatched water quality that is safe 
  • Treat up to 100 million gallons of mountain run off daily at our surface water treatment plant 
  • Maintain a network of more than 600 miles of pipes and other needed infrastructure to deliver pure water to your homes and businesses
  • More than $30 million is invested annually in rehabilitation and maintenance projects to keep water moving
  • There are six goundwater wells used to complement our surface water supplies, creating a go to source no matter the water conditions 
  • Reliable water service that keep water flowing to hydrants on demand to protect our community from the threat of fire
  • One billion gallons of recycled water is used to keep Roseville healthy and green

Take a pledge

Join the cause by taking a pledge and tell us how you value your water.  Just by entering, you could win a free car wash to Quick Quack Car wash. They, too, value water because all the water they use is recycled.  ENTER NOW.

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