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Like many utilities throughout the United States, we modernized our metering system. This metering upgrade includes advanced meters, which wirelessly send readings and important service information to both our water and electric utilities.

With this change comes benefits: City employees will no longer need to physically visit homes or businesses to read electric or water meters and we can send commands through the network to connect service and perform maintenance. 

Project complete!

Full implementation began in July 2023 and the project finished three (3) months ahead of schedule.

Meter upgrade project map (complete)

How do the upgraded meters work?

  • Each customer received an advanced water and electric meter (unless they opted out - residential only). 
  • The new meters use a securely encrypted network to communicate water and electric usage information to Roseville Electric and Environmental Utilities.  
  • We automatically receive meter data and important alerts, which allows us to respond faster to service disruptions and customer inquiries. 

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Meter upgrade benefits

• We now have near real time information from meters including connects and disconnects, leak alerts, and outage notifications. This means faster resolution for customers on service issues and answering common questions.

• The new meters have positive environmental impacts. They reduce trips for meter reading and other related activities, which help reduce emissions and improve air quality.

• The data provided by the meters help the utilities to run more efficiently.

• In the future, customers can actively monitor water and electric usage online. This meter upgrade will allow you to see how much water and electricity you are using every day.

Common questions

Q: Did I receive advance notice of the meter upgrade?
A: Residential customers received a post card in the mail as well as a door hanger prior to their scheduled meter upgrade. Roseville Utilities, with the help of our contractor, installed the new meters. 

Q: When was my meter being upgraded?
A: Full deployment started in July 2023 and finished three (3) months ahead of schedule.

Q: Were both water and electric meters upgraded at the same time?
A: Electric meters were installed first. The water meter upgrades took place shortly thereafter.  

Q: How long did it take to upgrade the meter?
A: The meter upgrade process took approximately 15 minutes per connection, under normal conditions.

Q: Did I lose service during the meter upgrade?
A: Residential customers experienced a brief loss in power during the electric meter upgrade process. There may have been a disruption in water service. There was no disruption in electric service for commercial customers. 

Q: How do you know if your meter was upgraded?
A: Residential customers would have received a door hanger after we successfully upgraded the meter or if we were unable to perform the necessary work.  

Q: How can I identify field staff who were working on the meters?
A: Utility staff and contractors had signage on their vehicles, dressed in uniform and carried photo IDs.

Q: What research has been conducted to ensure the new meters meet the minimum guidelines for safe human exposure to radio frequency energy?
A: Please visit Itron's Radio Frequency Resource Center to review how their products comply with the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) requirements for wireless communication devices.   

If you have any questions regarding the new meters, please call our customer service representatives at (916) 774-5300.

Opt-out option

For more information regarding the opt-out program for electric meters, please visit our opt-out page. There is no opt-out option for water meters.