What's Happening in Historic Old Town

What's Happening in Downtown

The Downtown Specific Plan Document is now available!
Downtown Vernon Street and Historic Old Town Specific Plan

Executive Summary

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Project Summary
Chapter 3: Existing Conditions
Chapter 4: Land Use Plan
Chapter 5: Community Form
Chapter 6: Circulation and Parking
Chapter 7: Public Services, Facilities & Utilities
Chapter 8: Parks and Open Spaces
Chapter 9: Plan Administration
Chapter 10: Implementation
Downtown Code

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Land Use and Zoning
Chapter 3: Regulatory Incentives
Chapter 4: District Standards
Chapter 5: Development Design Guidelines and Standards
Chapter 6: Public Realm Improvements
Chapter 7: Downtown Specific Ordinances
Chapter 8: Signage
Chapter 9: Pre-Design Projects
Appendix A

Project Location
The project area is comprised of 158 acres located in and around the Vernon Street commercial corridor. This includes Historic Old Town and the Douglas Boulevard/Oak Street corridor.

Location Map
Project Site Map

Points of interest and amenities located in this area include Royer Park, Dry Creek, Chamber of Commerce Offices, Roseville Civic Center, US Post Office, Roseville Theater, Tower Theater, Train Station/Multi-Modal Facility, and the Washington Boulevard Pedestrian Underpass.

Project Goals
It has been determined that a community supported Specific Plan and Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) are required to achieve the recently completed vision for the project area. The following goals were cited in the project request for proposal:

  • The final plan must clearly demonstrate key elements visually through strong graphics, photographs, etc.
  • The preferred plan alternative and key elements must have broad community and stakeholder support.
  • The adopted Plan must be consistent with existing, applicable plans, studies, and projects.
  • The plan will be accompanied by an EIR.

The EIR will address land use and broad policy changes on a programmatic level, but will also address identifiable project level impacts associated with future improvements.

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Project Description
Planning intends to build on the momentum of the recently completed Downtown Roseville Visioning Process. The Downtown Vernon Street and Historic Old Town Specific Plan project will result in the development of a project area specific plan, updated design guidelines, and associated EIR that are utilized as the area continues to develop. Upon completion, it will be a document that is consistent with the City of Roseville General Plan 2020. Additionally, the Plan will feature the following four elements:

  • Parking and Transportation Management Program,
  • Royer Park Master Plan Update,
  • Creek Restoration and Flood Management Strategy,
  • Public Facilities Assessment .

All of these efforts will reflect the guiding principles of the plan development process:Improve connectivity within Downtown as well between Downtown and its surroundings;

  • Identify land uses and development standards responsive to market opportunities and that facilitate quality architecture and urban design;
  • Reinforce identity through the establishment of character districts and gateway elements;
  • Create and enhance public places that support community activity, spirit, and involvement;
  • Promote arts, culture, heritage, entertainment, and education.

Steering Committee Members

City Council John Allard, Committee Chair
Rich Roccucci, Committee Vice-Chair
Planning Commission Kim Hoskinson
Alternate: Sam Cannon
Design Committee Rex Clark
Roseville Revitalization Committee Ray Phipps
Parks and Recreation Commission Gene Endicott
Alternate: Dave Larsen
Transportation Commission Werner Kuehn
Public Utilities Commission Michael Menz
Alternate: George Carpenter
Downtown Roseville Merchants Scott Alvord
Historic Old Town Property Owners Mike Rapport
Richard Burton
Vernon Street Area Property Owners Dave Piches
Mark Vespoli
Wayne Kelly
Arts Representative Rick Daniels
Chamber Revitalization Committee Steve Pease
Sierra Vista Neighborhood Association Jim Dieckman
Los Cerritos Neighborhood Association Charlene Ridner
Folsom Road Neighborhood Association Rene Aguilera
Enwood Neighborhood Association Barbara Kraft
Cherry Neighborhood Association Fred Lohse
Roseville Heights Neighborhood Association Pascal Joly

Project Funding
This $770,000.00 project is being funded by a number of sources including the following:

  • Redevelopment Tax Increment Bond Proceeds
  • City of Roseville Planning
  • City of Roseville Community Services Department
  • Strategic Improvement Fund

Time Line
April 2006 - Proposals due; Consultant interviews and selection
May 2006 - City Council awards contract; Project kickoff/scoping meeting
September 2006 - Project background/technical studies completed
November 2007 - Preferred Plan review; Planning Commission, Roseville Revitalization Committee, City Council
April 2008 - Draft Specific Plan and Environmental Impact Report
January - March 2009 - Posting period and public hearings
April 2009 - 1st and 2nd Council readings
April 15, 2009 - Project completion

Environmental Impact Report -
Downtown Vernon Street and Historic Old Town Specific Plan
Environmental Impact Report
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Summary
Chapter 3: Project Description
Chapter 4.0: Approach to Environmental Analysis
Chapter 4.1: Land Use Planning
Chapter 4.2: Public Utilities
Chapter 4.3: Public Services
Chapter 4.4: Geology and Soils
Chapter 4.5: Aesthetics
Chapter 4.6: Traffic
Chapter 4.7: Cultural Resources
Chapter 4.8: Hazards and Hazardous Materials
Chapter 4.9: Biological Resources
Chapter 4.10: Air Quality
Chapter 4.11: Noise
Chapter 4.12: Hydrology and Water Quality
Chapter 5: Cumulative Impacts
Chapter 6: Growth-Inducing Impacts
Chapter 7: Significant and Unavoidable Impacts
Chapter 8: Alternatives Analysis
Chapter 9: References
Chapter 10: Report Preparation
Chapter 11: Acronyms and Abbreviations

Cover Page
Appendix A: Notice of Preparation
Appendix B: Traffic Data
Appendix C1: Programmatic Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
Appendix C2: Phase 1 ESA Appendices
Appendix D: Biological Resources Assessment
Appendix E: Hydraulic Study
Appendix F: Noise Monitoring
Appendix G: Air Quality Data

Public Improvements Map
Public Improvements map
Click here for larger version of the map

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Downtown Vernon Street & Historic Old Town Specific Plan Project fact sheet