A Home Occupation is an accessory, non-residential business activity carried on within a dwelling by its inhabitants, incidental to the residential use of the dwelling, that does not change the character of the surrounding residential area by generating more traffic, noise or storage of material than would normally be expected in a residential zone. A Home Occupation must comply with the standards identified in Zoning Ordinance Chapter 19.42 to be permitted in residential zones. Applications for a City of Roseville business license using a City of Roseville residential address must also complete a Home Occupation clearance form.

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Limitation on Use
Home Occupations shall be permitted in a dwelling, so long as the maximum cumulative impact of all such businesses shall not exceed the limits set forth in this Section for a single Home Occupation. The following uses or activities are prohibited as Home Occupations:

  • Fire arms and ammunition sales;
  • Kennel services;
  • Retail or wholesale sales with transfer of products to the buyer at the residential site. The operation of a Home Occupation shall not necessitate the rendering of services, merchandise sales, or distribution of merchandise to customers or clients on the premises, with the exception of private instruction;
  • Vehicle or vehicle body, repair or painting; or
  • Any use or activity that affects the character of the surrounding residential neighborhood by generating more noise, odors, vehicles, storage, or traffic than would be normally expected in a residential zone.

Permit Requirements

  • A home occupation shall not be conducted prior to approval of a Zoning Clearance Certification in accordance with Chapter 19.72. Renters shall provide written evidence of owner approval of a Home Occupation with their application for a zoning clearance certification.
  • If a Home Occupation does not conform to the performance standards of this chapter, approval of an Administrative Permit is required. The operation of a Home Occupation which requires personal contact with customers or employees at the subject site requires approval of an Administrative Permit pursuant to Chapter 19.74.

Performance Standards
A Home Occupation shall be subject to the following conditions and criteria:

  • All Activities Indoors. All Home Occupation activities shall occur within the dwelling or accessory structures. No Home Occupation activity shall occur outside at any time, nor shall any equipment or material relating to the Home Occupation be parked or stored outside the residence at any time.
  • Customers. Personal contact with customers at the residence is prohibited except when authorized by the Approving Authority through approval of an Administrative Permit. A maximum of one (1) student at a time is permitted for home occupations involving private instruction.
  • Deliveries. No delivery shall be by vehicles larger than an automobile, pickup, or typical delivery van.
  • Employees. A Home Occupation shall be operated by no more than two (2) individuals, both of whom shall be residents of the dwelling. Both residents shall be listed on the application for Home Occupation. No other person shall operate, or perform any function of the business at the residence. Personal contact with any employees shall not be allowed at the residence at any time unless authorized through the approval of an Administrative Permit.
  • Flammable or Hazardous Materials. A Home Occupation involving the storage of flammable or hazardous materials shall not be allowed unless the Fire Department approves, in writing, the amount and method of such storage of materials.
  • Inspection Required. The City of Roseville may, at all reasonable times during normal business hours, enter the premises for the purpose of inspecting to determine whether or not the conditions of this chapter are being complied with.
  • Maximum Area. The Home Occupation shall not require the use of more than fifteen (15) percent of the total floor area of the dwelling (including garage and detached accessory buildings). The Home Occupation shall not result in any addition to, alteration of, or exterior remodeling of, the dwelling, garage or accessory structures.
  • Merchandise for Sale. The making of merchandise for sale is permitted providing that the storage of such merchandise does not exceed total allowable area for Home Occupations and does not require the transporting of material or finished product by means other than an automobile, pickup or typical delivery van.
  • Parking. No Home Occupation shall result in the elimination of required off-street parking spaces.
  • Signs. No signs advertising the Home Occupation shall be allowed, except one vehicle used for the Home Occupation may display the business name.
  • Vehicles. Not more than one (1) vehicle specifically designated to be used for a Home Occupation shall be parked at the subject residence at any time. Such allowed vehicle shall not be larger than a standard pickup or delivery van. No commercial vehicles or trailers shall be parked at the residence at any time.
  • Noise, Odors. A Home Occupation shall not create adverse levels of noise or odors above the ambient levels in the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Equipment. No equipment (other than a permitted vehicle) or material relating to a Home Occupation shall be parked or stored outside the subject residence.

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