The City of Roseville’s Development Services Department is excited to announce its new
Paperless Permitting & Plan Review Process!

Please click on the Permit Center image below for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the new process.

The Engineering – Land Development Division will review the application of Encroachment and Grading Permits for conformance to City standards for design and construction.


Encroachment Permit

An Encroachment Permit is required when anyone wishes to perform improvements or stage construction within the public right of way, per Section 13.28.010 of the City's Municipal Code. These improvements include but are not limited to sidewalk repair, dumpsters, PODs, traffic control, utility tie-ins, etc. If the Encroachment Permit is related to a development project, coordinate with the Engineering – Land Development Plan Reviewer.

To apply for an Encroachment Permit you will need complete the following steps:

  1. Download and complete a copy of the Encroachment Permit Application or acquire a printed copy at the City’s Permit Center.
  2. Fill in the application and obtain any required signatures.
  3. The applicant listed shall provide the City with a certificate of insurance in compliance with the City's minimum insurance requirements. For an outline of the City's minimum insurance requirements, see Insurance Requirements for Encroachment Permits. These requirements are for contractors only. Homeowners are advised to call Risk Management at (916) 774-5202. For all application the City's Risk Management Department will need to approve applicant's insurance prior to permit issuance.
  4. Create a plan clearly showing the location and limits of the proposed improvements. A plan is not required for a dumpster or POD. Traffic control plans shall be designed using the California Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD CA).
  5. Access the City of Roseville Online Permitting System Portal (OPS) and follow the steps to submit your application. Dumpster and POD permits can be issued entirely online, usually within 1-2 business days. All other improvements will require review and permit will be issued at the discretion of Engineering – Land Development Staff.

Grading Permit

  • Upon receipt of City of Roseville Planning Department approval and when proposed grading exceeds 50 cubic yards of earthwork, a grading permit shall be obtained from the Engineering - Land Development Division prior to beginning any construction activity. This is necessary to ensure that on-site drainage is adequately accommodated, off-site drainage is conveyed through the project, the proposed grading is compatible with adjacent property topography, and adequate erosion/sedimentation control measures are addressed. See Section 11 - Grading of the City of Roseville's Design & Construction Standards for additional information.
  • Download a copy of the Grading Permit Application or acquire a printed copy at the City’s Permit Center.
  • PERMIT FEES for any construction project will be determined at review based on the Engineering – Land Development Divisions Fee Table.
  • PERMIT SECURITY will be required at the discretion of Engineering – Land Development staff based on the proposed improvements. The security amount will be based on the total cost of the proposed improvements. The security shall be ten percent of the estimated cost of the grading and erosion/sediment control measures. Securities must be provided using City standard forms for Grading Permit bond or Agreement for Cash in Lieu of Grading Bond.