A central component of the City of Roseville's Geographic Information System (GIS) is a comprehensive street naming and addressing system. Accurate and consistent address data are vital for all operations of the City such as Fire, Police and utilities, as well as many other users including the Post Office and ambulance services. The City has adopted Addressing Guidelines that describe the standards and processes to be applied for street name identification and the numerical addressing of all parcels and buildings within the City.

Approved street names are required to be included on the first submittal of all Final Subdivision Maps. Developers must use this Street Name Application to submit new street names for approval by the City.

The City maintains a current list of all street names used in Roseville and Placer County. This list also includes street names that have previously been rejected. City staff compare new street name requests to this list, checking for spelling and phonetic similarities that could result in confusion and delay for critical emergency operations. The City reserves the right to approve or reject street names based on fire and life safety concerns.

City of Roseville Online Interactive Mapping Resource

The folders below contain addresses for recently built subdivisions:

Amoruso Ranch Specific Plan

View Amoruso Ranch Phase 1 Subphase A1 In-Tract
 View  Amoruso Ranch Phase 1 Subphase A2

Creekview Specific Plan

View  Creekview Phase 3 Village 5
 View  Creekview Phase 3 Village 9
View  Creekview - Phase 1 Village 10, 11 & 15
View  Creekview - Phase 2 Village 12
View  Creekview - Phase 1 Village 13 & 14
View   Creekview - Phase 2 Village 16
 View  Creekview Phase 2 Village 17
View   Creekview Phase 3 Village 21
 View  Creekview Phase 3 Village 22
View  Creekview - Phase 1 Village 23
View  Creekview - Phase 1 Village 24
View   Creekview - Phase 2 Village 25

Downtown Specific Plan

View   The Belvedere

Highland Reserve North Specific Plan

Parcel 20
View Parcel 30

Infill & North Industrial Planning Area

 View  415 East Street 
View   Campus Oaks CO-2
View   Campus Oaks CO-3
 View  Campus Oaks CO-4
View  Campus Oaks CO-6
 View  Campus Oaks CO-7
 View Campus Oaks CO-12 Phase 1
 View  Campus Oaks CO-12 Phase 2
 View Campus Oaks CO-11, 13, 14, 16
Church Street Station
View Diamond Woods Village 1
View Diamond Woods Village 2
View Diamond Woods Village 3
View Diamond Woods Village 4
View Diamond Woods Village 5
View Diamond Woods Village 6
View Dunmore Junction (Revised)
View Hooper Estates (Unit 2)
View Longmeadow Village 1
View Longmeadow Village 2 Phase 1
View Longmeadow Village 2 Phase 2
View Longmeadow Village 2 Phase 3
View Old Auburn Ranch (Full)
View Sierra View Country Club
View Washington Lofts
View West Colonial Estates
View Woodlake Village (aka Fiddyment 44)

North Central Specific Plan

Villemont Condos

North Roseville Specific Plan

Crocker Ranch North Lot 4 Phase 1
View Crocker Ranch North Lot 4 Phase 2
View Diamond Creek 30 and 33
View Diamond Creek 31A Village 1 (Revised)
View Diamond Creek 31A Village 2 (Revised)
View Diamond Creek 31B
View Diamond Creek 31B Village 2 (Revised)
View Diamond Creek 31C
View Diamond Creek 31C (Full)
View Diamond Creek Parcel 32
View Eskaton Village Phase 1
View Eskaton Village Phase 3
View Eskaton Village 4A (Revised)
View Eskaton Village 4B (Revised)
View Eskaton Village 4C
View Paseo Del Norte No. 2

Northeast Roseville Specific Plan

Stone Point (aka NERSP Parcel 15)

Northwest Roseville Specific Plan

Breton Village
View Foothills American Dream
View Foothills American Dream (Full)
View Legacy (Revised)
View Paseo Del Norte (Final)
View Rosepark (Final)

Sierra Vista Specific Plan

 View  Federico Village FD-1
View Federico Village FD-3
 View Federico Village FD-4
 View Solaire Phase 6 Village 5 
 View Solaire Phase 6 Village 9
 View Federico Village FD-10
View Parcel FD-2
 View  Sierra Vista KT-20A
View Sierra Vista Village FD-6
 View Federico Village FD-20A
View Federico Village FD-20B 
 View   Federico Village FD-22A
 View  Federico Village FD-22B
View Sierra Vista Village FD-24 Phase 1
View  Sierra Vista Village FD-24 Phase 2
 View  Sierra Vista Parcels DF-1 & DF-2
View   Sierra Vista Parcel DF-20
 View Sierra Vista Torrente Phase 1
 View Sierra Vista Torrente Phase 2
 View Sierra Vista Torrente Phase 3
 View Sierra Vista Village JM-02A - Phase 1
 View Sierra Vista Village JM-02B - Phase 2
 View Sierra Vista Village JM-03A - Phase 1
 View Sierra Vista Village JM-03B - Phase 2
 View Sierra Vista Village JM-04A
 View Sierra Vista Village JM-04B
 View Sierra Vista Village JM-20A - Phase 1
 View Sierra Vista Village JM-20 - Phase 3.1A
 View Sierra Vista Village JM-20 - Phase 3.1B
 View Sierra Vista Village JM-20B - Phase 2
 View Sierra Vista Village JM-21
View Sierra Vista Village JM-40
View   Sierra Vista Village KT-1A
 View  Sierra Vista Village KT-1B
 View Sierra Vista Village KT-2A 
View  Sierra Vista Village KT-2B
 View Sierra Vista Village KT-3A 
View  Sierra Vista Village KT-3B 
 View Sierra Vista Village KT-4
View  Sierra Vista Village KT-5A
 View Sierra Vista Village KT-5B
View  Sierra Vista Village KT-20A
 View  Sierra Vista Village KT-20B
View Sierra Vista Village KT-21A-1
 View Sierra Vista Village KT-21A-2
 View Sierra Vista Village KT-21B-1
 View Sierra Vista Village KT-21B-2
 View Westbrook Village 1A Phase 2
 View Westbrook Village 1B Phase 2
 View Westbrook Village 2A and 3A Phase 2
 View Westbrook Village 2B and 3B Phase 2
 View Westbrook Village 4 Phase 2
Westbrook Village 5A/5B Phase 1
View Westbrook Village 5A/5B Phase 2
View Westbrook Village 6
View Westbrook Village 7A
View Westbrook Village 7A (1)
View Westbrook Village 7B
View Westbrook Village 7B (1)
View  Westbrook Village 20
View  Westbrook Village 21
View   Westbrook Village 22 and 23 Phase 3
View Westbrook Village 24
View Westbrook Village 25
  View  Westbrook Phase 3 Parcel WB-41


Stonepoint Village 11-12
View Stonepoint Village 14

Stoneridge Specific Plan

Stone Canyon Phase 1
View Stone Canyon Phase 2
View Stoneridge East Village 1
View Stoneridge East Village 2
View Stoneridge East Village 3
View Stoneridge East Village 4
 View  Stoneridge East Village 5&6
View Stoneridge East Village 7
View Stoneridge East Village 8
View Stoneridge East Village 9 
 View  Stoneridge East Village 10 PH1
 View  Stoneridge East Village 10 Full 
 View  Stoneridge East 4A Village 11
 View  Stoneridge East 4A Village 12
View Stoneridge East 4A Village 13
 View  Stoneridge Olympus Point 1 
 View  Stoneridge Parcel 58
 View  Stoneridge West Village 2 Phase 1
 View  Stoneridge West Village 2 Phase 2 
 View  Stoneridge West Village 4 Phase 1
 View  Stoneridge West Village 4 Phase 2, 3, 4
 View  Stoneridge West Village 5
 View Stoneridge West Village 6 Unit 1 
 View Stoneridge West Village 6 Unit 2 
 View Veranda Full 
 View  Vista Oaks

Subdivision Address Lists

Street Names Roseville/Placer & Placer County Cities

West Roseville Specific Plan - Fiddyment Ranch

 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 1 Village F-1A
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-1A
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 1 Village F-1B
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-1B
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 1 Village F-2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Village F-3
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Village F-4
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Village F-5
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Phase 3 Village F-6A1
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Phase 3 Village F-6A2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 3 Village F-6C1
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 3 Village F-6C2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-7A
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-7B
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 3 Village F-8B
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-8C
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-8D
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Village F-9A1-Full
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Village F-9A2-Full
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-9A1 - Excel
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-9A2 - Excel
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-9B
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-9C
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 3 Village F-10 Ph 1
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 3 Village F-10 Ph 2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-11A1
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-11A2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-11A3
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 3 Village F-11B
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-12
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-13A1
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-13A2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-13B1 - Excel
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-13B1-Full
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-13B2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-13B3
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-14A2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-14B1
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-14B2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-14C1
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-14C2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-14D1
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-14D2
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-15A
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-15B
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-15C
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-16A
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-16B
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-17 - Final
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-19A1 - Full 
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-19A1 - List 
 View Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-19A2 - Full 
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-19A2 - Excel 
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-19B1 - Excel
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-19B1-Full
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-19B2 - Excel
 View  Fiddyment Ranch Ph 2 Village F-19B2 - Full 
 View  New Subdivisions
 View  Oakbriar F - 23
View  Parcel F-55

West Roseville Specific Plan - Westpark

 View  New Subdivisions
 View  Westpark Ph1 Village 1
 View  Westpark Ph2 Village 1
 View  Westpark Ph3 Village 1
 View  Westpark Ph1 Village 2A
 View  Westpark Ph1 Village 2B
 View  Westpark  Village 3A
 View  Westpark  Village 3B
 View  Westpark  Village 4A
 View  Westpark  Village 4B
 View  Westpark  Village 5
 View  Westpark  Village 6
 View  Westpark  Village 7
 View  Westpark  Village 8
 View  Westpark  Ph1 Village 10
 View  Westpark  Village 11
 View  Westpark  Village 12
 View  Westpark Ph3 Village 13A
 View  Westpark Ph3 Village 13B
 View  Westpark Ph3 Village 13C
 View  Westpark Ph3 Village 13D
 View  Westpark Ph3 Village 15A
 View  Westpark Ph3 Village 15B
 View  Westpark Ph3 Village 15C
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village 17A
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village 17B
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village 17C
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village 17D
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village 17E & 18F
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village W-18A
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village W-18A - Excel
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village W-18B
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village W-18B - Excel
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village W-18C - Full
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village W-18C - Excel
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village W-18D
 View  Westpark Ph4 Village W-18E - Full
 View  Westpark  Village 19A
 View  Westpark  Village 19B Excel
 View  Westpark  Village 19B - Map - Full
 View  Westpark  Village 21
 View  Westpark  Ph1 Village 22 - Resubdivision
 View  Westpark  Ph1 Village 22 - Final
 View  Westpark  Village W-24
 View  Westpark  Village W-24 - Excel
 View  Westpark  Ph1 Village 26
 View  Westpark  Ph2 Village 26
 View  Westpark  Village Center 28
 View  Westpark  Village Center 29