2021 Independent Redistricting Process

Every 10 years, after the U.S. Census, the City of Roseville must re-establish the boundaries for City Council districts. The resulting council district boundaries must be balanced in population in accordance with state and federal rules governing the redistricting process.

In 2021, an Independent Redistricting Commission made up entirely of community members will be formed to establish district boundaries in a process that is free from special interests and political influence.

The Commission will consist of eleven members and five alternates. In a public setting, the City Clerk will randomly select the initial eight members of the Commission from the qualified applicants, two each from four geographic quadrants of the City: a northwest quadrant, a northeast quadrant, a southeast quadrant, and a southwest quadrant.

The commissioners selected shall thereafter select three (3) at-large commissioners and five (5) at-large alternates from the remaining applicants. The order in which the alternates shall be seated on the Commission as voting members shall be established by a random method at the time they are selected. The selection must be made at a publicly noticed meeting after the public has had the opportunity to provide written and oral comment.

The commissioners shall make each selection on the basis of the applicant’s relevant analytical skills, ability to comprehend and apply the applicable state and federal legal requirements, familiarity with the City’s neighborhoods and communities, familiarity with the City’s demographics and geography, ability to be impartial, and apparent ability to work cooperatively with other commissioners. Alternates may fully participate in Commission deliberations but may not vote and may not be counted towards the establishment of a quorum. Alternates are subject to the same terms of office, qualifications, restrictions, and standards of conduct as other commissioners.

As an independent body, the Commission will be empowered to adopt the district boundaries, without City Council approval. The district map developed by the Commission must follow all local, state and federal laws, be substantially equal in population, and be geographically contiguous. The Commission will be required to hold five public hearings, one in each council district, as they are developing the district boundaries. Maps drawn by the Commission will be available for 30 days for public review before the Commission votes on adoption.

Need assistance or have questions?

Please contact the Roseville City Clerk Department at cityclerk@roseville.ca.us or by phone at (916) 774-5200.