Citz Acad Classroom  EVOC
Roseville Police Department 101 (formerly "Citizen's Academy")
An introduction to Roseville PD

Units: N/A

Hours: 24 Lecture with some lab work

Prerequisite: Local background check upon application

RPD 101:  This is an introductory course designed for Roseville residents interested in furthering their knowledge of the inner working of the Roseville Police Department. Class participants will be introduced to the concepts of the department’s Community Oriented Policing philosophy and will learn about the various divisions and assignments of the department’s staff and how various units work together to deter crime in the community.  Class sessions will include primarily lecture, as well as “lab work” including an EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course) ride along and scenarios.  Class goals include community connection and enhancing the quality of life for residents of Roseville.

Students will meet and interact with representatives from different units of the Roseville Police Department including:
• K‐9 Unit                       
• Investigations Unit
• Records Division        
• UAS (drone) team
• Traffic Unit                  
• CSI Unit
• Animal Control           
• Community Service Officers
• Crime Analysis            
• Crime Suppression Unit (CSU)
• Property/Evidence     
• Special Operations (SWAT, RCT, HNT)
• Problem Oriented Policing (POP) Team

Some of the information presented will include:
• Search/Seizure
• Gangs
• Vice/Narcotics
• Community Oriented Police and Problem Solving
• Use of Force/arrest techniques
• Crisis Negotiations
• Volunteer Program

A tour of the Roseville Police Department is included, and attendees will have the opportunity to meet with the Chief of Police and staff members.

Classes are held at the Roseville Police Department and may include one or more off-site demonstrations.

Potential candidates for the Citizen Police Awareness Academy must meet the following criteria:
    *Minimum age of 18 years
    *Live or work in Roseville

Course participants are selected by the Chief of Police or his designee. Once selected, candidates will be notified by e-mail. Enrollment is limited to approximately 30 students per academy.

The next class will be scheduled in the Fall and will be advertised via the City website and social media.