Home Security Makeover --Do it yourself!

Recently our community services unit did a home security makeover for Chris! You can watch the video here.  Here are some of the gadgets we installed to make his home safer.  Remember that the success of all security measures depends on using them consistently, and always taking care of the basics--locking doors and windows before you leave, and keeping your garage doors closed and locked.
Homeowner and police officer shaking hands

Home surveillance cameras

In the video, we used a great wifi-based home security camera system donated by Arlo. Arlos's system allows residents to talk to visitors too. There are other good systems available on the market too--we suggest choosing a system that you can watch remotely, provides high-quality images, and most important, is simple and easy for you to operate. It's important to position cameras so that they get images of visitors' faces, and not just the tops of their heads.
Computer monitor showing a visitor outside the door

Fake TV

A fake TV gadget can be put on a timer, and it creates the impression from the outside of the home that someone is home watching TV. There are a few brands available--just search for "fake TV burglar deterrent" on the web.
Fake TV gadget

Window locks

Window locks are inexpensive, easy to install, and available from any home improvement store. They prevent windows from being opened beyond the point of installation.Window with a lock installed

Security strike plate lock

The security strike plate lock can fortify your front door and deter "door-kick" type burglars.Door with a security strike plate lock installed
You can do your own home security audit! Download this checklist, walk through your home and find ways to make it safer.

For more information about Neighborhood Watch and other programs and services provided by the community services unit, call Police Community Services, (916)774-5050, or email PDCommunityServices@roseville.ca.us.


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